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,. ' "~. ,,·~ .., r. ,, I l -_ ! I LETTERS IN ~ANADA, 289 ' t, • ' o( Duncan Campbell Scott's In the Village of Viger (1~96). " In th~ fifty years s,ince t~is . smaH collection of ·stories first appeared, we .have had no mpre graceful and sympathetic delineation of life in the quiet backwaters· of Quebec. CHECK ~-LIST OF TITLES 1 ;Barnard (L. G.), So near is grandeur (Toran co, Macmillan,-207 pp., $3.00). Bilsky (Eva), Tuck-a-bed tales (Montreal, Mercury Press, 48 pp., $1.50). Bonner (M. G.). Surprio;e pl~ce; ilL by ;t.Lo1s L£NSKr (New York, Knopf; Toran'to, Ryerson, 119 pp., $2.50) ; Bird (W. R.), Here stays good Yorkshire (Toronto, Ryerson, xviJ 332 pp., $3..00). 'Child (Philip). Da>· of wrath (Toronto, Ryerson , 274 -pp., $3.00). Coulter - (John), Turf smoke: a fable of two countries (Toronto, Ry~~son, vi, 188 pp., $2.00). Cropp (M. &.), Tremendous .adventure of the peace fairy (Regina, School Aids and Text Book Publishing Co.;· Toronto, Moyer School Supplies, 75c.). Darby (Ray) and·Phillips (John), Adventures of glen alan (Regina, School Aids and Text Book Publiahing Co.; Toronto, Moyer School Supplie~, [44) pp., 7Sc.); Oomah (Winnipe_g, ContemporaryPublishers , (40) pp., 25c.\ Peter Smith and rhc skypeoplc (Regina, School Aids and Text Book Publishing Co.; Toronto, Moyer School Supplies l41! pp., 7Sc. soft, $1.25 hard). Du.mbrllle (Dorothy), All this difference (Toronto, Progress Books, 20S pp., $3.25). Foo.tain_ e (Robert), The happy cime (New York, Simon ,and Schuster; Toronw, Musson, x, 172 pp., $3.00): *Gag~o (E: ·R.), All those buckles; ill. by *-MILDRED CL0£.7E· (New York, Viking Press; TorontoJ Macmillan, 250 pp., ·$2.50). Jordan .(M.· y;). Now and forever (Milwaukee, Wise., .Bruce Publisning Co~; Toronto, Ryerson, 240 pp., $2.50). King (Violet), Better harvest (Toronto and Vancouver, Dent; . Toronto, McClelland and Stewart, viii, 36~ pp., ~2.75). Macdonllld (John), Darkly the river Rows:a novel of family·life (Toro~to, Longmans Green, vi~ 201 pp., $3.00). MacGillivray (C. H.). Shado 1 w of tradition: _ a ta!e of old Glengarry (Ottawa, Graphic Press, 1927; , Toronto~ McClelland and Stewart, 317 pp;, S2.75). MacLennan (Hugh), Two soli-, tudes (Toroino, Collins, 370 pp., $3.00). Millar (Mar~aret), The iron gates: a psycho1logical novel (Ne,v York and Toronto, Random House, 24l pp., $2.50). Morris (E: C.), A voice is calling (Montreal, B. n. Simpson, 1427 Dorchester St. W., 487 pp., $3.00). Raddall (T•. H.), Tambour, and other stories (Toronro, McClelland and Stewart, 388 pp., $3.00). ·"" (Gordon), Bright paths to adventur~ (Toronco, McCie:l!and and Srewar,t,· 280 PP·> $1.25). ToDl:kfnson (Grace), Her own people (New York, Ives Washburni Toronto, Smithers aod Bonellie, 248 'pp., !3.25). Wentforth (John) puud. for Pmt.tP C -:. Religion (the Editor).· As usual~ we have had the generous aid of two or three specialists, notably Mr. Donald Buchanan and Mr. W. S. McCullough, ,whose contributions appea~ within quotatio~ marks. Professo~ Frank Allen has COJHributed tO this issue of the QuARTERLY a review Of recent books On 'atorn.ic energy, including one or two Canadian titles, to which the reader is referred; and of .the bo0ks falling in section IV three are reserv~d for more detailed review .in the }uly issue. \ ' I Three volumes of narrative and description can be distinguished as well above the average performance of this or former It is well that they. should be named at once~ M,rs. Nellie L. lVlcClung's The Stream Runs Fast, Mrs. E. M. Richindson>s We Keep a Light, and Tony Onraet's Sixty Below.· Though totally dissimilar, each is autobiographical in subst.ance;_ each has for its centre of interest the depiction of a phase of Canadian life; and each is well written-that is, has a.s_ tyle perfectly suited to-its content, ' what- Dryden called "a propriety of thoughts and wordS.11· It is surprising·how ~are this elementary virtue is in Canadian prose. Perhaps we may add a fourth book to the list, Mr. D. D. C.alvjn's Saga of Jhe St. Lawrence, though It seems to us to fall below...


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