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A Note from the Editors

Starting with this issue, the editors’ introduction will appear as an occasional rather than a regular column in Buildings & Landscapes. Earlier in B&L’s history, it made sense to introduce readers to the contents of each issue; this was one way to establish continuity with our esteemed predecessor, Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture, which in its later years was often thematic, with an introduction outlining significant theories, questions, and methodological approaches to the topic under consideration. In B&L’s infancy the introduction also allowed the editors to explain the format and the contents of the journal as both evolved.

In the seven years since its inception in 2007, B&L has matured; while we hope the contents are never predictable, their format has become standardized. In each issue we publish two regular columns, the Viewpoint essay and Research Notes; three or four hefty research articles; and an array of reviews of books, exhibitions, and websites. We’re happy to report that the journal is now published simultaneously in print and digital editions, with a generous illustration program and a robust digital supplement hosted by JSTOR. The content is strong enough, rich enough, and provocative enough to stand on the merits of the work.

Don’t worry—we’ll still weigh in, with an introduction, a tribute, or another kind of essay, as the situation demands. But when we don’t, we hope that you will still enjoy the variety of choice material we strive to present in each issue. [End Page v]