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1. Nor, unfortunately, can it as yet become an annual. May the hope embodied in its misleading title be some day realized!

2. The printing is disgracefully careless: there is no excuse for Ben Johnson, or for this ludicrous mangling of one of Shakespeare’s most famous phrases. “finely touchs it to fine tissues” (pp. 13, 5).

3. Another layman’s book on Shakespeare is a collection of essays, What Shakespeare is Not, by Thomas O’Hagan. It is based on a fairly careful study of thirty-six secondary authorities listed in the bibliography, and may prove useful to readers who have not ready access to libraries.

Our best-known Shakespearean critic, Professor Wilson Knight, is represented by a chapter from his pioneer work The Wheel of Fire, in the new collection of Shakespeare Criticism in the popular World’s Classics series. His volume on the staging of Shakespeare (1936) contains some stimulating incidental criticism; but it has been appropriated by the writer of another essay in this survey.

4. For a report on this book we are indebted to Professor Buchanan.

5. The student of Canadian education will wish to know that of the writers listed under classical scholarship, eleven are members of the faculty of the University of Toronto or graduates of its honours school in Classics who now hold positions in other universities.

6. The title records the author’s wish that the essays be regarded as “chapters in an estimate of present European civilization.” It is hoped to review the book in a later issue.

7. The next issue of the Quarterly will contain a review of Hebrew Origins by one qualified to speak of it in detail.

8. See further an admirable brief account of contemporary theories of history by D. G. Creighton (CJEPS, II, May, 218–23).



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