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THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY LISTS OF PUBLICATIONSl ALISON EWART The following abbreviations have been used: B.R.H.-Bulletin des recherches llistoriquesi Can.-.Canadian Magazine; Can. Geog. 'J.-Ca1,adian Geographical Journal; C.B.-Canadian Bookman; C.C.-Curta;n Calli C.F.-Canadian Forum; Clz.-Chatelaint; C.H.R.-Canadian Historical Reoiew; C.J.E.P.S.-Canadian Journal oj Economics and Political Science; D.R.-Dalhousie Reoie~ui N.Y.T.New York Times; !!(..!f2.75) (C.H.R., Dec.) DAFOE, JOHN W. Canada an American nation. (Columbia University lectures, Julius Beer Foundation.) N.Y., Columbia University Press. Pp. 134. ($2.00) (C.H.R., Sept.; N.Y.T., May 12; .@.'~'J summer; S.N., May 18.) DION, ALBER.T. Histoire primitive dlJ la paro;sse de Saint-Thomas de Montmagny. Ptie. I: Topograpllie de Montmagny. Quebec, L'Action catholique. Pp.208. (Canadafral1ftJis, fev., 1936; Revue des livres, nav.) DUPIN, PIERRE. Anciens chantiet's du SI.-MauriC!!. (Pages trifluviennes, serie B, no. 7.) Les Trois-Rivieres, Le Bien Public. Pp. 132. *FORBIN, VICTOR.. La grande passion aun petit peuple. Paris, Baudiniere. _ Pp. 255. (An historical and contemporary account of .the Acadians.) "'LA RONCIER.E, Ch. de. Au jil du Mississipi avec Ie pere Marquette. Paris, Bloud et Gay. Pp. 192. ' *LE BLANT, ROBERT. Un colonial sous Louis XIV: Philippe de Pastour de Co.stebelle, gouoerneur de Terre-Ne.uue, puis de 1'1le Royale (1661-1717). Dax: (Landes)~ France, Pradeu. Pp. 256. (C.H.R., Dec.) MCCLUNO, NELLIE L. Clearing in the west: My own story. Taranto, Thomas Allen. Pp. 378. ($2.50) (C.B., Nov.; N.Y.T., March 29, 1936; S.N., Oct. 12.) MORSE, W. I. (ed.). Atadiensia Nova (1598-1779): New and llnpu.blished docu-. men1s and other data. 2 vols. London, Quaritch. Pp. xix, 222; 170. (£2 lOs.) (C.H.R., March, 1936; D.R., Jan., 1936; T.L.S., Dec. 28.) A peep bel~ind the scmes. I ssued on the occasion of the sixteenth annual convention of tlu Canadian Weckly Newspapers' Association held at the Royal York Hotel, Toron/o, on 1uly 25, 26 and 27, 1935. Orillia, Packet and Times. Pp. 31. (Contains a chapter 00 the early press in York, Simcoe, and Muskoka.) *QUINEL, CHARLES et *MONTOON, A. de. Contes et reci/s dtl Canada. (Contes et legendes de tous les pays.) Paris, Fernand Na.than. Pp.255. (15fTs.) (Written to acqaaint French boys and girls with history and legends of French Canada.) *TALBOT, FRANClS. Saint among saoages: TI:c life of Isaac 1ogue.r. N.Y. and London, Harper. Pp. ix, 466. ($4.00) (N.Y.T., Feb. 9, 1936; T.L.S., March 14, 1936.) TESSIER, ALBERT. Trois-Rivnres,1535.1935: §luatre s;ecles d'his/oire. Les Trojs~ Rivieres, Le NouvelListe. Pp. 199. TOWNSLEY, B. F. Mine-finders: TILe history and romance of Canadian mineral discoveries. Ill. by EVAN MACDONALD. Toronto, Saturday Night Press. Distributed by Macdonald -Galleries, 26 Grenville St. Pp. [viii], 246. ($3.00) (Provides the historical background for the poetry and prose of the mining country.) Waterloo Historical Society. Twenty-first and twenty-second annual report!, 1933 and 1931-. Kitchener, Ont., The society. Pp. 154. (Various articles throw light on the cultural history of Waterloo County.) WRONG, GEOIWE M. Canada and the American Revolution: The disruption of tlu .!i,·st BrilishEmpire. Toronto, Macmillan. Pp. xii, 4:97. ($5.00) (C.H.R., Sept.; N. Y.T., Feb. 3; T.L.S., March 28; U.T.~., July.) 415 THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY "Alfred Hawlcins" (B.R.H., XLI, dec., 747-8-a note on the author of the Picture 0/ §. , ..,rI.fUU.:c", G. D. "Presidential address- (c) Fiction sect. 2, May, TOMKINSON, GRACE. 459-70). HARPER. Grey Owl and the belllJer. With two by GREY and Toronto, Nelson. 140. ($1.75) (T.L.S., Nov. 30.) CAMILLE. Romanciers de chez nous: Etudes eX/Taius des Essais ct Nouveaux essais sur Ill. Beauchemin. 197. ($1.00) BERTRAND, CAMILLE. (Revue des mars, 8-10), H. DAVIS, RAYMOND. "A plea for a Canadian short story" RALPH E. "Fate Sisters (Canada) In,["Ol'no,ratl"d 83-4--brief of the of Canadian Drama...


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