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My younger brother finishesfire academy on top of the roofwith a hatchet and the building

on fire. The year in high schoolhe could finally bench two-fifty,our mother breathed

since he could carry her to safetyor lift her back to the sanitarium ifshe cracked another bone.

He alters time & memorynow his bravery surpassesmine, the older sister

who believes he can finally save usas if he was born on a burning roof—and wasn’t our home always burning? [End Page 11]

Jennifer Givhan

Jennifer Givhan was a PEN Emerging Voices Fellow, the DASH 2013 Poetry Prize winner, a St. Lawrence Book Award finalist, and a Vernice Quebodeaux Pathways finalist. An MFA candidate at Warren Wilson College, Givhan’s work has appeared in Best New Poets 2013, Prairie Schooner, Indiana Review, Rattle, and The Los Angeles Review.