restricted access Structure factorielle d’une version française du Nursing Home Behavior Problem Scale

Several measuring devices are available to assess specific behavioural problems of dementia patients residing in nursing homes but only a few have been translated and validated in French. This study’s main objective was to determine the factorial structure of the French version of the Nursing Home Behavior Problem Scale (NHBPS) with people suffering from dementia. A secondary objective was to document the variables associated with the global score of the NHBPS and the underlying dimensions of the instrument. Participants (n = 155) were diagnosed with dementia and resided in three nursing homes and a hospital’s long-term care unit. The presence of behavioural problems and other characteristics were assessed by two nurses. A factor analysis revealed five key dimensions in the francophone version of the questionnaire. Several variables were associated with the total score of the NHBPS and its five underlying dimensions. Although the factorial solution of the French version of the NHBPS is similar to the English versions, our results also show differences that may depend on methodological characteristics.