restricted access Introducing the JBL Forum, an Occasional Exchange
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Introducing the JBL Forum,
an Occasional Exchange
Adele Reinhartz, General Editor

As the flagship journal of the Society of Biblical Literature, JBL aims to reflect the breadth and depth of our field. For this reason, it has a broad scope ranging from the issues and approaches that have been staples for many decades to those that continue to emerge as a result of growing international participation in the SBL as well as encounters with other disciplines and with new theoretical perspectives. In this issue, JBL introduces an occasional series that will highlight approaches, points of view, and even definitions of “biblical scholarship” that may be outside the usual purview of many of our readers. The format may vary from time to time but will always include an exchange of ideas on the matter at hand. SBL members are invited to join in the discussion on our web-site:

With this series, we hope not only to inform our readers but, more important, to spark conversation and thereby to enhance the journal’s contribution to the primary mission of the SBL: to foster biblical scholarship.

I welcome your thoughts and comments, as well as suggestions for future forum topics. Just send them along to me at [End Page 421]

Adele Reinhartz, General Editor
Journal of Biblical Literature