restricted access „Sich bewähren, oder bewahren?“ Einführung in Leben und Schaffen des siebenbürgischen Autors Eginald Schlattner

Eginald Schlattner is currently the best-known author of the rapidly disappearing German diaspora in Eastern Europe. Between 1998 and 2005, he published three highly successful novels with the recent history of the Transylvanian Germans (commonly known as Saxons) as the focus. This article first provides a summary of Schlattner’s life with an emphasis on the Stalinist era of the 1950s. Subsequently, it introduces the novels of his Transylvanian trilogy, along with his recently published short stories. It seeks to answer the following questions: How much damage did National Socialism of the 1940s and Stalinism of the 1950s inflict on the Transylvanian Saxons? To what extent are the Saxons themselves responsible for the fall of their culture of 750 years? What are the long-term chances of a peaceful international cooperation in the troubled East European region? (IG; in German)