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Notes on Contributors

Maria Adamowicz-Hariasz received her Ph.D. in French Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. She is presently an Associate Professor of French at the University of Akron, Ohio where she teaches language, literature, culture, and theater courses. A specialist in nineteenth-century literature, she has published a book-length study of Le Juif errant by Eugène Sue and articles on the roman-feuilleton and the mass press. She now concentrates her research on literature and culture of the Francophone Caribbean and Québec.

Arline Cravens is an Assistant Professor of French at Saint Louis University where she teaches language, literature and culture courses. She received her Ph.D. in French Literature from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012. A specialist in nineteenth-century literature, her primary research focuses on women authors of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Carole Edwards is an Associate Professor in French and Francophone Studies at Texas Tech University. Her research interests include North African, Sub-Saharan and Caribbean Francophone literature. She has published a monograph on French women dramatists (L’Harmattan 2008) and a volume on Sacrifice (Rodopi 2013). She has also published various articles ranging from literature, history to cultural studies (Women in French, Routledge, etc).

Jane E. Evans is Associate Professor of French at the University of Texas at El Paso. She is especially interested in contemporary francophone literature. Her articles include analyses of the novels by Malika Mokeddem, Clémence Boulouque, Leïla Marouane, and Latifa Ben Mansour. She has also written about the theater of Fatima Gallaire and autobiography, including novels by Justine Lévy and Clémence Boulouque. Her writings have appeared in the Women in French Studies journal, Life Writing, Algérie/Littérature/Action, and literary anthologies. Dr. Evans’s book, Tactical Silence in the Novels of Malika Mokeddem, was published in December 2010.

Louise Forsythe is Professor Emerita and Adjunct Professor, University of Saskatchewan, in Women’s & Gender Studies, Languages and Linguistics, and Research Associate at the University of Calgary. Her research is on women playwrights and poets of Québec, feminist theories of theatricality, theater translation, and professional francophone theater in Saskatchewan. She is a founding member of CATR/ARTC, from which she received an award of lifetime achievement. She has held the following administrative positions: [End Page 246] Chair, Department of French (UWO), Dean, Graduate Studies and Research (Saskatchewan), President, Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada. She has published articles and books in her areas of research. Her three-volume anthology of Québec women’s plays in English translation (28 plays covering the period of 1966-2009) is published by Playwrights Canada Press.

Deborah Gaensbauer is Professor of French at Regis University. She has published widely on French and Francophone women writers including Marguerite Duras, Leonora Carrington, Elsa Triolet, Marie N’Diaye, Maryse Condé, Marie Nimier and Chloé Delaume. Her recent essay “‘Autofiction + x =? ’: Chloé Delaume’s Experimental Self-Representations,” is included in Womens Writing in Twenty-First Century France: Life as Literature, eds. Amaleena Damlé and Gill Rye (U of Wales P, 2013). Her publications on theater include Eugène Ionesco Revisited (1996) and The French Theater of the Absurd (1991).

Perry Gethner is Norris Professor of French and head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Oklahoma State University. He did his graduate work at Yale and taught previously at the University of Chicago. He has published critical editions and translations of French plays from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including collections of works by women playwrights. His articles have covered a variety of topics relating to French drama and opera, including hybrid plays, acting and staging conventions, dramatic theory, and comparisons between male and female authors. He also co-edited the proceedings of a Women in French conference. He is currently working on a second volume of translations of women playwrights, is part of a team preparing a five-volume anthology of women playwrights (in French) and is co-editing both English- and French-language versions of a novel by the Comtesse de Murat.

Joyce Carlton Johnston is Professor of French at Stephen F. Austin State University where she has also coordinated...