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  • compiled by Nancy Washer

Recordings Released in 2012: Troubadour Songs1

1. Ensemble Unicorn: Early Music Recordings, Vol. 1. Ensemble Unicorn. Naxos 8.505230. 5 CD Compilation. Rerelease.

CD 2. The Black Madonna: Pilgrim Songs from the Monastery of Montserrat. Naxos 8.554256. Michael Posch, director and recorder; Belinda Sykes, voice; Bernhard Landauer, countertenor; Agnes Boll, soprano; Susanne Kurz, soprano; Ulrike Wedening, soprano; James Curry, tenor; Raimund Natiesta, bass; Marco Ambrosini, fiddle; Thomas Wimmer, fiddle, laud, and rebec; Riccardo Delfino, gothic harp and snareharp; Katharina Dustmann, riqq, zarb, davul, darbuka, and bendir; Wolfgang Reithofer, darbuka, tambourine. Recorded 1996. Original release 1998. 1 CD. mp3. 12 Tracks.

Includes: Anonymous,“Quant ay lo mon consirat.”

CD 3. The Music of the Troubadours. Ensemble Unicorn and Oni Wytars. Naxos 8.554257. Michael Posch, director, recorder, and reed flute; Maria D. Lafitte, voice; Thomas Wimmer, fiddle and laud; Riccardo Delfino, gothic harp, hurdy-gurdy, and bagpipe; Peter Rabanser, gaita, bujo, oud, nay, and saz; Katharina Dustmann, davul, zarb, bendir, and daf; Wolfgang Reithofer, tenor drum, bowl drum, and tambourine; Marco Ambrosini, fiddle, keyed fiddle, and shawn. Recorded 1996. First release 1999. 1 CD. 12 Tracks.

Includes: Berenguier de Palazol, “Tan m’abelis” and “Aital domna”; Bernart de Ventadorn, “Quan vei l’alauzeta mover”; Giraut de Borneill, “Non posc sofrir” and “Reis glorios”; Guiraut Riquier, “Humils forfagz”; Jaufre Rudel, “Lancan li jorn”; Peire Cardenal, “Ar me posc”; Raimon de Miraval, “Bel m’es qu’eu chant”; [End Page 209] Anonymous, “Donna, pos vos ay chausida” and “Ara l’ausetz.” (

2. In taberna: Medieval Songs and Dances. Corte Antica. Newton Classics 880 2126. Francesco Bisetto, narrator; Mario Compagnaro, voice; Davide Carli, recorders, crumhorn, and percussion; Angelo di Prima, recorders, crumhorn, and percussion; Arrigo Pietrobon, recorders, crumhorns, bombard, and percussion; Claudio Sartorato, voice, hurdy-gurdy, and percussion; Marco Squizzato, lute and percussion. Recorded 2000. First release, Rivo Alto 2002. 1 CD. mp3. 31 Tracks.

Includes: Anonymous, “A l’entrada del tens clar”; Raimbaut de Vaquieras, “Calenda maya”; Richart Coeur-de-Lion, “Ja nuls hom pres.”

3. Jaufré Rudel – Troubadour de Blaye. Ensemble Tre Fontane. Alba Musica AL1312. Maurice Moncozet, voice, rebec, nay, saz; Pascal Lefeuvre, hurdy-gurdy and bendir; Thomas Bianabe, lute and bendir. Recorded 2011. 1 CD. mp3. 8 tracks.

Includes the six songs that survive with their melodies by Jaufre Rudel.

4. The Last of the Troubadours: The Art and Times of Guiraut Riquier 1230-1292. Martin Best Ensemble. Original release 1992. Switten 837. Release as mp3 (

5. Love, Revelry and The Dance in Medieval Music. Ensemble Millenarium, Namur Chamber Choir, and Psallentes. Ricercar 328. 7 CD Compilation. Rerelease.

CD 1. Joy: Troubadour’s Songs and Jongleur’s Dances. Ensemble Millenarium and Carole Matras. Ricercar 243. Recorded 2000. Carole Matras, voice and harp; Christophe Deslignes, organetto; Thierry Gomas, percussion. 1 CD. mp3. 11 tracks. [End Page 210]

Includes Berenguier de Palazol, “Tan m’abelis”; Bernart de Ventadorn, “Be m’an perdut”; Gaucelm Faidit, “Fortz causa est,” “Jamais nul temps,” and “Lo rossignolet salvatge.” (

6. Montserrat Figueras: La voix de l’emotion/The Voice of Emotion. Montserrat Figueras, soprano. Alia Vox 9889 A+B. 2 CDs. mp3. 36 tracks.

Includes: Beatriz de Dia, “A chanter m’er.” (

7. Percival’s Lament: Medieval Music and the Holy Grail. Capilla Antigua de Chincilla. Naxos 8.572800. Luisa Maesso, triangle, voice, bells, and drums; Juan Francisco Sanz, voice, drums, and bells; José Ferrero, voice, harp, hurdy-gurdy, lyre, and psaltery; Ana María López-Pintor, fiddle, rabel, rebec; Sergio Alonso, rabel, viol, trumpet marine; Alfonso Sáez, Glastonbury pipe, recorder, gemshorn, organetto, and chalumeaux. Recorded 2011. 1 CD. mp3. 14 Tracks.

Includes Richart de Berbezilh, “Atressi com Persavaus.” (

8. Trialogue—A Project around South Indian, Moroccan, and Medieval European Traditions. Aruna Saïram, Noureddine Tahiri, Dominique Vellard. Glossa GCD P32306. Aruna Saïram, voice; H.N. Bhaskar, violin; Patri Satish Kumar, mridangam; Noureddine Tahiri, voice; Driss Berrada, oud; Dominique Vellard, voice; Baptiste Romain, fiddle; Keyvan Chemirani, zarb. Recorded 2011. 1 CD. mp3. 13 Tracks.

Includes: Guiraut Riquier, “Jhesus Cristz.” (

9. Tristan’s Harp: Arthurian Medieval Music. Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla. Naxos 8.572784. Luisa Maesso...


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