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Index to Volume 38


Boehm, Miren. “Filling the Gaps in Hume’s Vacuums.” 38(1): 79–100.

Boyle, Deborah. “The Ways of the Wise: Hume’s Rules of Causal Reasoning.” 38(2): 157–82

De Dijn, Herman. “Spinoza and Hume on Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.” 38(1): 3–23.

Galgut, Elisa. “Hume’s Aesthetic Standard.” 38(2): 183–200.

Hakkarainen, Jani. “A Third Type of Distinction in the Treatise.” 38(1): 55–78.

Ievers, Lisa. “Hume’s Conception of Proper Reflection.” 38(2): 129–55.

Landy, David. “Hume’s Theory of Mental Representation.” 38(1): 23–54.

Le Jallé, Éléonore. “Hume, Malebranche, and the Self-Justification of the Passions.” 38(2): 201–20.

Waldow, Anik. “Sympathy and the Mechanics of Character Change.” 38(2): 251–42.

Notes and Texts

Falkenstein, Lorne. “Hume’s Seneca Reference in Dialogues 12: An Assessment of Alternatives.” 38(1): 101–4.

Ryan, Todd. “Hume’s ‘Malezieu Argument.’” 38(1): 105–18.


Emerson, Roger L. Essays on David Hume, Medical Men and the Scottish Enlightenment: ‘Industry, Knowledge, and Humanity.’ Max Grober. 38(2): 243–47.

Hanvelt, Marc. The Politics of Eloquence: David Hume’s Polite Rhetoric. Beth Innocenti. 38(1): 119–22.

Waldow, Anik. David Hume and the Problem of Other Minds. Emily Kelahan. 38(1): 123–26. [End Page 251]


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