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A Note about “The Hume Literature”

Beginning with this issue, “The Hume Literature” will no longer be published in Hume Studies. This decision was not made lightly. The editors consulted those who have overseen the series, the journal’s editorial board, and the executive committee of the Hume Society. The consensus was that while “The Hume Literature” at one time presented a best effort to capture the relevant literature, it has been rendered obsolete by the availability of online search engines and electronic journal access.

The editors and the editorial board are currently exploring the possibility of creating and maintaining an online database of the Hume literature, hosted either on the Hume Society or the Hume Studies website.

Hume Studies began publishing “The Hume Literature” in volume 3, number 2 (November 1977). The first three entries were compiled by Roland Hall, updating his A Hume Bibliography (York, 1971). Ted Morris followed with bibliographies for volumes dated from 1986 through 2003. James Fieser took on the task beginning in 2006. His most recent entry, “The Hume Literature, 2010” appeared in Hume Studies, Volume 37, Number 2, and is the final entry in the series.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Roland Hall, Ted Morris, and James Fieser for their valued contributions to Hume Studies. [End Page 249]