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Extinction Opus No. 2

Too late to save yourself, you mustsave others. Their insides

tinted, yet somehow awake,eating roasted pig, drupes,

and the wine from dead pears.Existing, but absent, the engines

of sleep. You go far in suchbad conditions, an animal

out on loan. Their clothes labeled:do not touch. Bras

full of earth and orchids. Doorwayswith notes: My door. My

soil. You dial home and they say“scapegoat,” they say, “instigator –”

the zoos guarding the bones [End Page 44]

Christa Romanosky

Christa Romanosky is a Pittsburgh, PA native. Her poetry can be found in The Kenyon Review Online, North American Review, South Carolina Review, Minnesota Review and elsewhere. Her fiction is published in The Kenyon Review Online, The Cincinnati Review, Boston Review, and other journals.