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The total wonder of the mute other:a Japanese snow monkey the sizeof a football washing its food in the river,dipping its food into the saltwaterto give it more flavor. Onlookers likethe idea and start doing the samething as the smallest one keeps protesting,shivering on a log with its armsand legs crossed, its hands balled-up whileits fingers and toes remain a strictnon-language. This can save me, I thinkto myself, using the words in my mindthat I can’t leave behind. One monkeyrolls an actual snowball. It’s not a symbol. [End Page 38]

Anthony Opal

Anthony Opal’s recent poems can be found in Poetry, Sixth Finch, Notre Dame Review, and elsewhere. He lives near Chicago with his wife, Laurel, and his daughter, Eleanor. He also edits The Economy, an online journal of new writing and art, and TAG, an ongoing experiment. [].



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