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God on the mountain. A fountain of birdspour out from their blowhole homes. Alone,one trails off. The sun coagulates light-waves.Glory, glory, hallelujah sounds fromthe church walls, built up from the groundwhere the lightning’s found, or so the story goes.No one knows how, but everyone knows whyis perhaps the deeper truth. Ruth and Boazor Boaz and Ruth. Both of them starta kissing booth for lovers in love. The tongueis encouraged. People become murderousat the last signs of unrest. Eschatologicallyspeaking, the end of the poem is forconclusions and confusions. We confess it. [End Page 37]

Anthony Opal

Anthony Opal’s recent poems can be found in Poetry, Sixth Finch, Notre Dame Review, and elsewhere. He lives near Chicago with his wife, Laurel, and his daughter, Eleanor. He also edits The Economy, an online journal of new writing and art, and TAG, an ongoing experiment. [].



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