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Annual Index
Volume 132 (2013)
  • Arnold, Bradley. See Horrell, David G.

  • Barber, Michael Patrick, “Jesus as the Davidic Temple Builder and Peter’s Priestly Role in Matthew 16:16–19,” 935–53

  • Bartos, Michael, and Bernard M. Levinson, “‘This Is the Manner of the Remission’: Implicit Legal Exegesis in 11QMelchizedek as a Response to the Formation of the Torah,” 351–71

  • Berg, Shane, “Ben Sira, the Genesis Creation Accounts, and the Knowledge of God’s Will,” 139–57

  • Berman, Joshua, “Histories Twice Told: Deuteronomy 1–3 and the Hittite Treaty Prologue Tradition,” 229–50

  • Blanton, Thomas R., IV, “Saved by Obedience: Matthew 1:21 in Light of Jesus’ Teaching on the Torah,” 393–413

  • Bledsoe, Seth A., “Can Ahiqar Tell Us Anything about Personified Wisdom?” 119–37

  • Butera, C. Jacob. See Moffitt, David M.

  • Crossan, John Dominic, “A Vision of Divine Justice: The Resurrection of Jesus in Eastern Christian Iconography,” 5–32

  • Crouch, C. L. See Strine, C. A.

  • Davis, Andrew R., “The Literary Effect of Gender Discord in the Book of Ruth,” 495–513

  • Dennert, Brian C., “Hanukkah and the Testimony of Jesus’ Works (John 10:22–39),” 431–51

  • Doak, Brian R., “Ezekiel’s Topography of the (Un-)Heroic Dead in Ezekiel 32:17–32,” 607–24

  • Erickson, Amy, “‘Without My Flesh I Will See God’: Job’s Rhetoric of the Body,” 295–313

  • Erisman, Angela Roskop, “Transjordan in Deuteronomy: The Promised Land and the Formation of the Pentateuch,” 769–89

  • Feder, Yitzhaq, “The Aniconic Tradition, Deuteronomy 4, and the Politics of Israelite Identity,” 251–74

  • Feldman, Ariel, “The Song of Miriam (4Q365 6a ii + 6c 1–7) Revisited,” 905–11

  • Frayer-Griggs, Daniel, “Spittle, Clay, and Creation in John 9:6 and Some Dead Sea Scrolls,” 659–70

  • Goswell, Greg, “The Eschatology of Malachi after Zechariah 14,” 625–38 [End Page 982]

  • Ham, T. C., “The Gentle Voice of God in Job 38,” 527–41

  • Horrell, David G., Bradley Arnold, and Travis B. Williams, “Visuality, Vivid Description, and the Message of 1 Peter: The Significance of the Roaring Lion (1 Peter 5:8),” 697–716

  • Hamori, Esther J., “The Prophet and the Necromancer: Women’s Divination for Kings,” 827–43

  • Hicks, Richard, “Markan Discipleship according to Malachi: The Significance of μὴ ἀποστερήσῃς in the Story of the Rich Man (Mark 10:17–22),” 179–99

  • Hicks-Keeton, Jill, “Already/Not Yet: Eschatological Tension in the Book of Tobit,” 97–117

  • Holmstedt, Robert D., “The Nexus between Textual Criticism and Linguistics: A Case Study from Leviticus,” 473–94

  • Hundley, Michael B., “Sacred Spaces, Objects, Offerings, and People in the Priestly Texts: A Reappraisal,” 749–67

  • Jones, Scott C., “Corporeal Discourse in the Book of Job,” 845–63

  • Joseph, Simon J., “‘Why Do You Call Me “Master”…?’ Q 6:46, the Inaugural Sermon, and the Demands of Discipleship,” 955–72

  • Kelly, Joseph Ryan, “Joel, Jonah, and the Yhwh Creed: Determining the Trajectory of the Literary Influence,” 805–26

  • LeMon, Joel M., “Yhwh’s Hand and the Iconography of the Blow in Psalm 81:14–16,” 865–82

  • Leuchter, Mark, “Genesis 38 in Social and Historical Perspective,” 209–27

  • Levinson, Bernard M. See Bartos, Michael

  • Lewis, Theodore J., “Divine Fire in Deuteronomy 33:2,” 791–803

  • Lincoln, Andrew T., “Luke and Jesus’ Conception: A Case of Double Paternity?” 639–58

  • Martin, Troy W., “Περιβόλαιον as ‘Testicle’ in 1 Corinthians 11:15: A Response to Mark Goodacre,” 453–65

  • Meshel, Naphtali S., “Toward a Grammar of Sacrifice: Hierarchic Patterns in the Israelite Sacrificial System,” 543–67

  • Moffitt, David M., and C. Jacob Butera, “P.Duk. inv. 747r: New Evidence for the Meaning and Provenance of the Word προσήλυτος,” 159–78

  • Myers, Alicia D., “‘Jesus Said to Them…’: The Adaptation of Juridical Rhetoric in John 5:19–47,” 415–30

  • Parker, Julie Faith, “Blaming Eve Alone: Translation, Omission, and Implications of inline graphic in Genesis 3:6b,” 729–47

  • Reymond, Eric D., “The Meaning of ‘Life’ in the Hebrew of Ben Sira,” 327–32

  • Reynolds, Bennie H., III, “The Expression inline graphic in the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Legacy of the Holiness School in Essene Legal Texts,” 585–605

  • Schipper, Jeremy, “Interpreting the Lamb Imagery in Isaiah 53,” 315–25

  • Seow, C. L...