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Index to Volume 89 (2013)

Ackerman, Farrell, and R. Malouf. Morphological organization: The low conditional entropy conjecture. 89.3.429–64 (2013).

Anaphoric one and its implications. By J. Payne, G. K. Pullum, B. C. Scholz, and E. Berlage. 89.4.794–829 (2013).

Announcement regarding electronic publication. By E. Kaisse and G. Carlson. 89.1.1–2 (2013).

Aranovich, Raúl. Transitivity and polysynthesis in Fijian. 89.3.465–500 (2013).

Arguments as relations. By J. Bowers. Rev. by D. Massam. 89.2.354–57 (2013).

Asudeh, Ash. The logic of pronominal resumption. Rev. by N. Guilliot. 89.3.638–41 (2013).

Babby, Leonard H. The syntax of argument structure. Rev. by S. Tatevosov. 89.1.170–73 (2013).

Bach, Emmon, and E. Bach. Rev. of Kornai, Mathematical linguistics. 89.4.970–73 (2013).

Bach, Eric, and E. Bach. Rev. of Kornai, Mathematical linguistics. 89.4.970–73 (2013).

Bakker, Peter. Rev. of McWhorter and Good, A grammar of Saramaccan Creole. 89.4.973–76 (2013).

Beaver, David I., and E. Destruel. Rev. of Krifka and Musan (eds.), The expression of information structure. 89.3.647–53 (2013).

Beaver, David I.; J. Tonhauser; C. Roberts; and M. Simons. Toward a taxonomy of projective content. 89.1.66–109 (2013).

Bentley, Delia. Subject canonicality and definiteness effects in Romance there-sentences. 89.4.675–712 (2013).

Berge, Anna. Topic and discourse structure in West Greenlandic agreement constructions. Rev. by L.-J. Dorais. 89.1.173–75 (2013).

Berlage, Eva; J. Payne; G. K. Pullum; and B. C. Scholz. Anaphoric one and its implications. 89.4.794–829 (2013).

Biggam, Carole P. The semantics of colour: A historical approach. Rev. by D. Dedrick. 89.4.951–53 (2013).

Birner, Betty J. Introduction to pragmatics. Rev. by N. Hedberg. 89.4.953–57 (2013).

Blythe, Joe. Preference organization driving structuration: Evidence from Australian Aboriginal interaction for pragmatically motivated grammaticalization. 89.4.883–919 (2013).

Boeckx, Cedric. Language in cognition: Uncovering mental structures and the rules behind them. Rev. by C. P. Otero. 89.3.641–43 (2013).

Bowers, John. Arguments as relations. Rev. by D. Massam. 89.2.354–57 (2013).

Brinton, Laurel J. Rev. of Thim, Phrasal verbs: The English verb-particle construction and its history. 89.3.664–67 (2013).

Brown, Cecil H.; E. W. Holman; and S. Wichmann. Sound correspondences in the world’s languages. 89.1.4–29 (2013).

Bullock, Barbara E. Rev. of Gess, Lyche, and Meisenburg (eds.), Phonological variation in French: Illustrations from three continents. 89.4.960–63 (2013).

Carlson, Gregory N. The Editor’s Report. 89.2.381–83 (2013).

Carlson, Gregory N., and E. Kaisse. Announcement regarding electronic publication. 89.1.1–2 (2013).

Castroviejo, Elena, and L. Mayol. (Non)integrated evaluative adverbs in questions: A cross-Romance study. 89.2.195–230 (2013).

Clements, G. Nick, and R. Ridouane (eds.) Where do phonological features come from? Cognitive, physical and developmental bases of distinctive speech categories. Rev. by B. E. Dresher. 89.3.643–46 (2013).

Cohen, Ariel. Rev. of Maienborn, von Heusinger, and Portner (eds.), Semantics: An international handbook of natural language meaning, vol. 1. 89.2.372–75 (2013).

Conspiring to mean: Experimental and computational evidence for a usage-based harmonic approach to morphophonology. By V. Kapatsinski. 89.1.110–48 (2013).

Constraints on displacement: A phase-based approach. By G. Müller. Rev. by H. Kitahara. 89.3.655–57 (2013).

Copular clauses, clefts, and putative sluicing in Uzbek. By V. Gribanova. 89.4.830–82 (2013).

Cruschina, Silvio. Discourse-related features and functional projections. Rev. by M. Leonetti. 89.1.175–79 (2013).

Curzan, Anne. Linguistics matters: Resistance and relevance in teacher education [Teaching Linguistics]. 89.1.e1–e10 (2013).

Dalrymple, Mary, and I. Nikolaeva. Objects and...