restricted access Examining Bonding and Bridging Activities in the Context of a Common Spaces Approach to Integration

This paper utilized the analytical file of the Ethnic Diversity Survey (EDS 2002) to examine the relationship between bridging and bonding activities for identified immigrant and non-immigrant groups and variables selected to measure integration through the creation of common spaces. Based on Ager and Strang’s (2004; 2008) model, we hypothesized that both bonding and bridging activities increased the likelihood of outcomes that reflect and create the common spaces increasingly associated with integration. Bridging activities were associated with the creation of common spaces, used here as a marker of integration, in almost every instance, while bonding activities were associated with integration in some but not all instances. Our analysis supports a conceptual model of integration that highlights the development of common spaces radiating outward from self-identified ethnic groups as both a means and a marker for integration.