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IN D EX T O VO LUM E II Articles Alexander, Stanley, “ Cannery Row: Steinbeck’s Pastoral Poem”_______ 281-295 Barsness, John, “The Dying Cowboy Song”__________________________ 50-57 Black, W. E., “Ethic and Metaphysic: A Study of John G. Neihardt’*_ _ 205-212 Brunvand, Jan Harold, "Honey in the Horn and 'Acres of Clams’: The Regional Fiction of H. L. Davis ______________________ -____________135-145 Charles, Sister Peter Damian, “My Antonia: A Dark Dimension”______ 91-108 Ellis, James, “A New Reading of The Sea Wolf”______________,_______127-134 Folsom, James K., “English Westerns” ______________________________________ 3-13 ______________., “ ‘Western’ Themes and Western Films”______________195-203 Goldsmith, Arnold L., “Charles and Frank Norris” ___________________ 30-49 Greene, Donald, “Western Canadian Literature” ____________________257-280 Hudson, Roy F„ “The Contribution of Bret Harte to American Oratory” _________!_______________________________________________ 213-222 Meyer, Roy W., “Hamlin Garland and The American Indian”________ 109-125 Peavy, Charles D., “Larry McMurtry and Black Humor: A Note on The Last Picture Show" ______________________________ ___________ 223-227 Pilkington, William T., “Character and Landscape: Frank Waters’ Colorado Trilogy” ____________________ ____________________________183-193 Sawey, Orlan, “Bernard DeVoto’s Western Novels”____________________171-182 Van Der Beets, Richard, “Nietzsche of the North: Heredity and Race in London’s The Son of the Wolf” _______________________________ 229-233 Walker, Don D., “The Western Naturalism of Frank Norris”__________ 14-29 White, John I., “A Ballad in Search of Its Author”___________________ 58-62 Bibliography Bullen, John S. Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature 1966-67 ______________________________________315-325 Lyon, Thomas J. Research in Western American Literature___ ______ 326-328 338 Western American Literature Books Reviewed (Reviewer identified in parentheses) Anderson, John Q. (ed.). Tales of Frontier Texas: 1830-1860. (William T . Pilkington) __________________________________________ 161-162 Capps, Benjamin. A Woman of the People. (Robert A. Roripaugh)___ 65-66 Clark, LaVerne Harrell. They Sang for Horses: The Impact of the Horse on Navajo and Apache Folklore (Karl Young)_______________ 149-151 Decker, William. To Be A Man (J. W. Hutchinson)_________________302-304 Dorn, Edward. The Shoshoneans. The People of the Basin Plateau (Paul R. Eldridge) __________________________________„____________ 153-155 Farquhar, Francis P. (ed.). Up and Down California in 1860-1864. The Journal of William H. Brewer, Professor of Agriculture in the Sheffield Scientific School from 1864 to 1903. (Arthur H. Frietzsche)___ 81-82 Folsom, James K. The American Western Novel. (John R. M ilton)____ 297-299 Furness, Norman F. The Mormon Conflict 1850-1859 (Roscoe L. Buckland__________________________________________________________159-160 Gordon, Alvin. Inherit the Earth, Stories from Mexico Ranch Life (Anne Smith) ___________________________________________________ 68-69 Green, Ben K. Horse Tradin’ (John Barsness) ______________________ 309-311 Grinnell, George Bird. By Cheyenne Campfires (Ben Gray Lumpkin)—151-153 _____________________ . When Buffalo Ran. (Ben Gray Lum pkin)____151-153 Hall, Oakley. The Pleasure Garden (Robert Narveson)_______________301-302 Hudson, Wilson M. and Allen Maxwell (eds.) . The Sunny Slopes of Long Ago (Paul T. Bryant) ____________________________________155-157 Johnson, Dorothy M. Flame on the Frontier: Short Stories of Pioneer Women (Benjamin Capps) ___ ___________________________ 304-305 Lee, L. L. The Life and Voyages of Captain George Vancouver: Surveyor of the Sea (Wilson O. Clough) __________________________ lb-11 Lee, Robert Edson. From West to East: Studies in the Literature of the American West. (D. E. Wylder) __________________________________ 299-300 Lehrer, James. Viva Max! (John S. Bullen) _________________________ 147-148 Loomis, Noel M. and Abraham Nasatir. Pedro Vial, and the Roads to Santa Fe (T. M. Pearce) _______________________________________313-314 McConnell, Virginia. Bayou Salado: The Story of South Park (Maynard Fox) _________________________________________________________ 165 McDermott, John Francis (ed.) . Audubon in the West. (Michael McCloskey) _____________________________________________________ 84-85 McDonald, T. H. (ed.). Exploring the Northwest Territory: Sir Alexander Mackenzie’s Journal of a Voyage by Bark Canoe from Lake Athabasca to the Pacific Ocean in the Summer of 1789. (Lewis E. Buchanan) _____________________________________________ 163-164 Monaghan, Jay. Australians and the Gold Rush: California and Down Under, 1849-1854 (A. Grove Day) __________________________ 162-163 Index 339 Nabokov, Peter. Two Leggings; The Making of a Crow Warrior (Frank Waters) __________________________________________________ 63-65 Oliva, Leo E. Soldiers on the Santa Fe Trail (T. M. Pearce)_________ 313-314 Pitt, Leonard. The Decline of the Californios: A...


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