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Research in Western American Literature Editor: Thomas J. Lyon, Utah State University I. Completed Theses and Dissertations Adams, John H. “The Poetry of Robinson Jeffers: A Reinterpretation and Réévaluation” (Ph.D.) Denver University, 1967 Brophy, Robert Joseph, S.J. “Structure, Symbol, and Myth in Selected Narratives of Robinson Jeffers” (Ph.D.) University of North Carolina, 1966 Christian, Henry A. "Louis Adamic: Immigrant and American Liberal” (Ph.D.) Brown University, 1967 Giles, James Richard “A Study of the Concept of Atavism in the Writings of Rudyard Kipling, Frank Norris, and Jack London” (Ph.D.) University of Texas, 1967 Hegbloom, Kirk “H. L. Davis’ Theory of Western Fiction and Winds of Morning” (M.A.) University of Idaho, 1967 Hoffman, H. Wilbur “The Polarity Theme in Frank Norris’ The Octopus” (M.A.) University of Idaho, 1967 Kolb, Alfred “Friedrich Gerstacker and the American Frontier” (Ph.D.) Syracuse University, 1966 Olafson, Robert Bruce “Frank Norris’ Seven Novels: A Study of the Mosaic of Tensions Between Critical Realism and Naturalism in the Works” (Ph.D.) University of Washington, 1966 Pearce, Bessie Malvina “Texas Through Women’s Eyes, 1823-1860” (Ph.D.) University of Texas, 1965 Remley, David A. (ed.) “The Correspondence of H. L. Mencken and Upton Sinclair: ‘An Illustra­ tion of How Not to Agree’ ” (Ph.D.) Indiana University, 1967 Ridgeway, Ann N. “The Letters of Robinson Jeffers: A Record of Four Friendships” (Ph.D.) Bowling Green State University, 1966 Research 327 Roberts, Dexter Merritt “A Psychological Interpretation of Social Philosophy in the Work of Frank Norris, American Literary Naturalist” (Ph.D.) Stanford University, 1967 Sieger, Marsha “Mark Twain’s Use of the Child in Social Criticism” (M.A.) Hunter College, 1967 Slotkin, Richard S. “Emergence of a Myth: John Filson’s Daniel Boone Narrative and the Literature of the Indian Wars, 1636-1848” (Ph.D.) Brown University, 1967 Spiese, Richard Dale “Robinson Jeffers: Aesthetic Theory and Practice” (Ph.D.) University of New Mexico, 1966 Terrell, Dahlia Jewel “A Textual Study of Washington Irving’s A Tour on the Prairies” (Ph.D.) University of Texas, 1966 Tuppet, Mary M. “A History of The Southwest Review: Toward An Understanding of Regionalism” (Ph.D.) University of Illinois, 1966 Weedin, Everett K., Jr. “Robinson Jeffers: the Achievement of His Narrative Verse” (Ph.D.) Cornell University, 1967 II. Works in Progress Ackermann, Mary Ellen “Dinosaur National Monument: A Series of Natural History Essays” (M.A.) Colorado State University Creutz, Kathleen E. “The Genesis of Willa Cather’s The Song of the Lark” (Ph.D.) University of California, Los Angeles Ditsky, John M. “Land-Nostalgia in the Novels of Faulkner, Cather, and Steinbeck” (Ph.D.) New York University Gado, Frank “Kay Boyle: From the Aesthetics of Exile to the Politics of Return” (Ph.D.) Duke University Fitzmaurice, James E. “A Critical Study of the Works of Walter Van Tilburg Clark” (Ph.D.) University of Maryland Hunsaker, Kenneth B. “The Twentieth Century Mormon Novel” (Ph.D.) Pennsylvania State University Kime, Wayne R. “Washington Irving’s Astoria: A Critical Study” (Ph.D.) University of Delaware 328 Western American Literature McGinity, Sue “The Image of the Spanish-American Woman in Recent Southwestern Fiction” (Ph.D.) East Texas State University Maughan, Carolyn “Responses to Nature in Selected Western Novels” (M.A.) Utah State University Pavich, Paul N. “Joseph Wood Krutch: Western Nature Essayist” (M.A.) Colorado State University Pruett, Jacque “Manfred’s Lord Grizzly: A Critical Analysis” (M.A.) Colorado State University Shames, Priscilla “The Treatment of the American Indian in Western American Fiction” (Ph.D.) University of California, Los Angeles Smith, Jocelyn Olson “A Computerized Descriptive Bibliography of the Western Literature Collection at Colorado State University” (M.A.) Colorado State University Snopel, Paul S. “The Railroad As Symbol in American Literature of the West” (M.A.) John Carroll University Tapley, Philip A. “The Theme of Initiation in Selected Twentieth-Century Fiction of the Trans-Mississippi West” (Ph.D.) Louisiana State University It occurs to us that the students at work on the theses and dissertations listed in this issue would welcome the opportunity to correspond with established literary scholars who have special interest in the area of their particular research projects. Mrs. Priscilla Shames, for example, has written to us for...


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