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Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature Editor: John S. Bullen, Sonoma State College Staff: Patrick Allen, Bloomington, Indiana; Henry L. Alsmeyer, Jr., Texas A&M University; William Bevis, Berkeley, California; Jan Harold Brunvand, University of Utah; Alan Crooks, Boise College; Richard W. Etulain, Northwest Nazarene College; Thomas J. Lyon, Utah State University; Patrick' Morrow, Uni­ versity of Washington; Ben M. Vorpahl, University of Cali­ fornia, Los Angeles This bibliography focuses on the period 1965-1967, but includes a few earlier items. As the bibliographical staff grows, the coverage becomes more complete, and we hope eventually to include much of the scholarship in the field that was published before we began our annual listing. At present, however, we are attempting only to corral the yearly stampede of material that is relevant to the study of Western American literature. We can always use additional bibliographers, and anyone who is willing to join the staff is urged to write John S. Bullen, English Department, Sonoma State College, Rohnert Park, California, 94928. Authors of books and articles are, of course, invited to call our attention to items for inclusion. General. Autor, Hans. “Alaskan Poetry.” Alaska Review, I (Spring 1964), 48-55. Barsness, John. “The Dying Cowboy Song.” Western American Literature, II (Spring 1967), 50-57. Boatright, Mody C. “The Beginnings of Cowboy Fiction.” Southwest Re­ view, LI (Winter 1966), 11-28. Bullen, John S., ed. “Annual Bibliography of Studies in Western American Literature.” Western American Literature, I (Winter 1967), 323-329. Cardwell, Guy A. “The Duel in the Old South: Crux of a Concept.” South Atlantic Quarterly, LXVI (Winter 1967), 50-69. 316 Western American Literature Cassidy, Frederic G. “American Regionalism and the Harmless Drudge.” PMLA, L X X X II (June 1967), 12-19. Coan, Otis W. and Richard G. Lillard. America in Fiction: An Annotated List of Novels that Interpret Aspects of Life in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Fifth Edition. Palo Alto, Calif.: Pacific Books, 1967. Edwards, Margaret Royalty. Poets Laureate of Texas 1932-1966. San Antonio, Texas: Naylor, 1966. Fife, Austin and Alta. “Ballads of the Little Big Horn.” The American West, IV (February 1967), 46-49,. 86-89. Fisher, Vardis. “The Western Writer and the Eastern Establishment.” West­ ern American Literature, I (Winter 1967)', 244-259. Folsom, James K. “English Westerns.” Western American Literature, II (Spring 1967), 3-13. Garfield, Brian. “Cowboy as Myth and Man.” Saturday Review, October 14, 1967, p. 100. Gurian, Jay. “The Unwritten West.” The American West, II (Winter 1965), 59-63. Halaas, David F. “Frontier Journalism in Colorado.” The Colorado Maga­ zine, XLIV (Summer 1967), 185-203. Hertzel, Leo J. “What About Writers in the North?” South Dakota Review, V (Spring 1967), 3-19. “How the West Was Won.” Times Literary Supplement, May 25, 1967, p. 468. Hubbell, Jay B. South and Southwest: Literary Essays and Reminiscences. Durham: Duke University Press, 1965. [Treats in part (pp. 269-310). the trans-Mississippi West.] Hutchens, John K. “Heritage of the Frontier.” Saturday Review, September 23, 1967, pp. 34,97-98. Hutchinson, W. H. “The Mythic West of W. H. D. Koerner.” The American West, IV (May 1967), 54-60. [Koerner illustrated stories of Emerson Hough, Stewart Edward White, Eugene Manlove Rhodes, and other West­ ern writers.] Josephy, Alvin M., Jr. “Publishers’ Interests in Western Writing.” Western American Literature, I (Winter 1967), 260-266. Karolides, Nicholas J. The Pioneer in the American Novel: 1900-1950. Nor­ man: University of Oklahoma Press, 1967. Kelley, John F. and Charles E. Timberlake. “Impressions of Russian Pioneers in the West.” New Mexico Historical Review, X LII (April 1967), 145-149. Lyon, Thomas J., ed. “Research in Western American Literature: 19651966 .” Western American Literature, I (Winter 1967), 330-331. Milton, John R. “The American West: A Challenge to the Literary Imagi­ nation.” Western American Literature, I (Winter 1967), 267-284. ___________ “Literary or Not.” South Dakota Review, V (Summer 1967), 2, 98-102. Morrill, Claire. “Three Women of Taos: Frieda Lawrence, Mabel Luhan, and Dorothy Brett.” South Dakota Review, II (Spring 1965), 3-22. Myers, John M. Print in a Wild Land. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday, 1967. Bibliography 317 Powell, Donald M. “Current Arizona Bibliography.” Arizona Quarterly, X X III...


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