restricted access Act III: Hunting in Sonogram Season
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Act III:
Hunting in Sonogram Season

half the world’sasleepat any given momenta reoccurring dream:

            the mic keeps            falling down.            It’s a girl.

awake. end. movedto tearswatching otherpeople’s dreams      give

birth—it’s a boy!they get theirhunting buddy

            did you see the size of that thing?

as long ashis intellect’sbig [End Page 261] as the gunslove

our words’quiver ofconsciousness—

            shoot! shoot! shoot!

killing everythingand none. [End Page 262]

Katie Fuller

Katie Fuller received her M.A. in English from the University of Maine in 2013, where she co-edited Stolen Island, and was editorial assistant for Paideuma: Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics. Her recent poems can be found in Stolen Island, the collaborative chapbook Meconium, and the SP CE LOVEbook. She lives and teaches in Boise, Idaho.