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  • Tracie Morris

What the sister brother mother making in the oven? Subtle shoulder bounce comeuppance? Breakdance from Angolans goin’ us up under ships rowin’? Flowing over undertow, Sammy’s taps. Hand jive happenstance to techno trance, folks coveting colored. True black being encompassing hue, placentas siphoned off magenta, violence, indigo blues with cane cotton tobacco rows to hoe.

So what you sayin’? Sosa’s John Henry ‘gainst the dopest steam engine? Recidivism’s net effect is akin to Amadou Louima ass kickin’?

Hit it, Reconnoitering Negroes AWOL versus Dominating Nazi Aryans. RNA vs. DNA in the body politic, difference being the leftovers, sugar. (What flies is attracted to, besides its bullshit.) We got some. Circulocutious Infidels affirming Ferral Biologic importing it.

Each territory a precious piece. Kill ‘em with kindness. Sweet like a Lauryn declaration of love overlapping the looped Bata backbeat. Like a 12 year old’s pressed curls greased with Dax. Somebody fifty-seven polishing his T-bird with Turtlewax. Old romance. Akara to chitlins to chicken wings. Shekere to hambone to two Technics. Field holler Doo Wops make microphone fiends. [End Page 234]



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