Salmon Song
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Salmon Song

Singing, singing, throw a life into the seaLike salmon flinging, ringing out the changes,Strong charges of their swimming, leaping destiniesRunning home to spawn and die. I tooFling, sing, dive down, hurl forth againGladly in Thy name;Unfurl my length, uncurl coiled strength without reserveTo move more sleekly, sing more sweetly,Better serve; help stir the waters running through this earthHelp move, help birth, a world.

Swim strong, to God return, give all:It is a cleaving song that calls,And life that in the losing lives. [End Page 268]

Paul Martin

Paul Martin, in his nineteenth year of progressive illness, is housebound and bedridden with multiple disabilities. Previously he'd earned masters' degrees in religious studies and counseling from the University of Chicago Divinity School and the University of New Hampshire. He has completed three book manuscripts on the subject of faith and has nearly finished a fourth. Endorsements include a foreword by a prominent religious studies scholar and bestselling author.;