restricted access From “My Life with Andy Goldsworthy”
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From “My Life with Andy Goldsworthy”

[what work was (my life as a Nyingma monk)]

I volunteered to thwartadvancing wisteria,

to skim molten slag &pour castings, clean sprues

& wire brush statues14 hours each day. I lacked

sacred vows. I living onTin Barn Road & spotted,

(twice) from my porch, whalesdraped in white bed sheets.

I smoked, marveled at lichenwho grew wild on redwoods. [End Page 144]

Mother Pacific depositedcold in my Carhartt each day.

Am I a Buddha? I thought,knee-deep in concrete pours,

my legs leaden & sapped,my trowel planing the surface,

glasses duct taped, scratchescross-hatching each lens.

I drank Gunpowder tea & losttrack of hours, connections, my crisp

talent for punch lines, askingeach breath for more life [End Page 145]

Kevin Phan

Kevin Phan is a recent graduate from the Michigan MFA program. He's currently on fellowship. His work can be found in Pleiades, Fiddlehead, Sentence, CutBank, Gulf Coast, and Fence.