restricted access In A Decent Imitation, and: In the Past That Will Be
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In A Decent Imitation, and: In the Past That Will Be

In A Decent Imitation

of end-times: nothing happens;your people shuffleroom-to-room strip-searching strangers with skill and totalaffectionwaking feeling great / in the morning-afterknowing the endfirst appears ultra-normal—onlymore so ::the horizon risesto an elevation approaching music—a vista holding allwe’ve ever seen / everwanted to seethere: beforeyour very very eyes [End Page 111]

In the Past that will be

when I lived beforein thin infinities of leaves—before being fingered upand fleshed—I breathed inside the sun’s lungsand bellowed like a fleaa small shadow tothe mass that blocks the overbearing sun;still—a shadowcasts a shadow and so—even then—I had to be at leasta theory of myselfand from the other roomI slipped insidemy swaddling clothesand lay looking upat the sort of peopleI was certainto become [End Page 112]

Mark Conway

Mark Conway has written two books of poetry, Dreaming Man, Face Down, and Any Holy City. These poems are from a new manuscript with the working title "Fuse."