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From the Editor

In the last five years almost two thousand magazines and journals ceased publication. I am glad to report that Nabokov Studies is not one of those, and that others' reports of its demise have been, at best, exaggerations. Despite the closing or draconian downsizing of many university presses (Rice, LSU, Eastern Washington, Utah State, Scranton, SMU, Missouri, Arkansas, etc.), Nabokov Studies will continue to be published as a peer-reviewed online journal through Project MUSE at the Johns Hopkins University Press. The Editor and the Editorial Board will remain almost the same. The only change to the format is that (starting with Volume 13) endnotes will replace footnotes, a development the journal's best layout editor, Mary Bellino, would have appreciated. For securing the journal's future, I am very grateful to Wendy Raymond, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Davidson College; Sam Schuman, the former Chancelor of the University of North Carolina-Asheville; and a host of attentive folks at Johns Hopkins University Press and at Davidson College who recognize a genuine public good when they see it but who for the moment wish to remain anonymous.

In October 2014, Nabokov Studies will sponsor a conference at a venue to be named in the next volume. [End Page v]