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Index to Volume 74

Arendt, Hannah, see Kang

Asian Values, see Jenco

BASSIRI, NIMA, on Robert Whytt's Sensorium Commune, 425-48

Bergson, Henri, see McGrath

BLANK, ANDREAS, on Johannes von Felden and usucaption, 403-23

Cassirer, Ernst, see Meyer

colonial British histories of the Indian Archipelago, see Tsao

communal order in European thought, 1150-1550, see Nederman

CURTIS-WENDLANDT, LISA, on Elise Reimarus's Cato, 69-92

DAVIES, S. F., on Reginald Scot and witchcraft, 381-401

EDELSTEIN, DAN, ROBERT MORRISSEY, and GLENN ROE, on citations in the Encyclopédie, 213-36

Encyclopédie, see Edelstein et al.

faith in European thought, 1150-1550, see Nederman

Felden, Johannes von, see Blank

FRAENKEL, CARLOS, on Spinoza and the Bible, 643-58

French Revolution, see Plassart

GARROD, RAPHAËLE, on Simon Goulart's Commentaires, 361-80

GERSHKOVICH, TATYANA, on Tolstoy and aesthetics, 115-37

GLUCK, MARY, on Budapest coffee house and Jewish modernity, 289-306

Goulart, Simon, see Garrod

Greek philosophy, see Jeremiah

Grotius, Hugo, see Jones

GUICCIARDINI, NICCOLÒ, on musical analogies in Newton, 45-67

HARVEY, WARREN ZEV, on Spinoza and biblical miracles, 659-75

hylomorphism, see Manning

Jena and Wilhelmine Germany, see Werner

JENCO, LEIGH, on Asian Values, 237-58

JEREMIAH, EDWARD, on reflexive concepts in Greek philosophy, 507-29

Jewish modernity, Gluck

JONES, MEIRAV, on Philo Judaeus, Hugo Grotius and natural law, 339-59

KANG, TARAN, on Hannah Arendt, 139-60

LEVINE, EMILY J., on the Warburg Circle, 307-30

lunatic asylums, see Ossa-Richardson

MANNING, GIDEON, on the history of hylomorphism, 173-87

MCGRATH, LARRY, on Henri Bergson in America, 599-620

medical knowledge in Renaissance Italy, see Touber

MEYER, THOMAS, on Ernst Cassirer, 473-95

NADLER, STEVEN, on Spinoza's Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, 623-42 [End Page 689]

nature in European thought, 1150-1550, see Nederman

NEDERMAN, CARY J., on nature, faith, and communal order in European thought, 1150-1550, 1-22

Newton, Isaac, see Guicciardini

OOSTERHOFF, RICHARD J., Pythagoras and French Renaissance mathematics, 531-52

OSSA-RICHARDSON, ANTHONY, on the Victorian lunatic asylum, 553-75

Philo Judaeus, see Jones

plagiarism in Sino-Japanese intellectual relations, see Sela

PLASSART, ANNA, on Scottish historians and the French Revolution, 93-114

PRINTY, MICHAEL, on Johann Joachim Spalding and the Protestant Enlightenment, 189-212

Pythagoras, see Oosterhoff

Reimarus, Elise, see Curtis-Wendlandt

Scot, Reginald, see Davies

Scottish historians on the French Revolution, see Plassart

SELA, ORI, on modern Sino-Japanese intellectual relations, 577-97

Spalding, Johann Joachim, see Printy

SPECTOR, SCOTT, introduction to "Ideas and the City" forum, 259-66

Spinoza, see Fraenkel; see Harvey; see Nadler

Tolstoy, Leo, see Gershkovich

TOUBER, JETZE, on medical knowledge in Renaissance Italy, 23-44

TSAO, TIFFANY, on the colonial British histories of the Indian Archipelago, 449-71

Warburg Circle, see Levine

WERNER, MEIKE G., on modern Jena and cultural regeneration, 267-88

Whytt, Robert, see Bassiri

witchcraft, see Davies [End Page 690]


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