restricted access Community Expectations from Ghana’s New Oil Find: Conceptualizing Corporate Social Responsibility as a Grassroots-Oriented Process

The discovery of oil comes with many positive expectations from governments and citizens, but evidence of conflict- and problem-ridden resource-rich countries defies conventional knowledge—which suggests that abundance in resources culminates in socioeconomic blessings. Ghana recently joined the list of oil-producing countries, with oil production expected to reach 250,000 barrels per day in the next year or two; however, while transnational oil companies and the domestic government have begun making gains from this discovery, one of the nearby communities, Cape Three Points, is far removed from the rest of the country in access to basic amenities. This paper argues for corporate social responsibility to be more grassroots-oriented, premised on the position that it is supremely important for extractive companies to adopt policies of social and environmental sustainability.