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  • The Good Wife before Deployment
  • Victoria Kelly (bio)

Really, it is a slow, agonized departure,ruinous as an argument in a rainstorm:the Corvette stalled on the highwayand my husband’s fist against the dashboard,while he tells me this is never how he saw it—the townhouse, the yellow dog, me.A policeman knocks on the window;he is hunched against the black night, like a soldier himself.And I know a good wife would understand,a good wife would know her husbandis afraid of her and God;he is afraid of having something to lose. [End Page 156]

Victoria Kelly

Victoria Kelly’s poetry has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Southwest Review, and Best American Poetry. Her chapbook is Prayers of an American Wife (Autumn House P). She lives in Virginia with her husband, a Navy fighter pilot.



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