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Books in Brief

The editorial office has received a number of edited volumes of articles that will be of interest to our readership. These works tend to be less suitable for unified reviews than monographs, and thus a considerable backlog has developed. To introduce these volumes, we occasionally list in this section the publication information and tables of contents entries for those we have received. The volumes selected for this issue provide an overview of recent work on Art, Media, and Identity, in both early-modern and modern eras.

Companion to Spanish Colonial Art at the Denver Art Museum. By Donna Pierce. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2011. Pp. 106. Foreword. Acknowledgments. Maps. $19.95 paper.

South America Map

Global Encounters

Continuity of Native Traditions

In Focus: Featherwork

Art for Churches and Missions

In Focus: Sculpture of Saint Ferdinand

Artists of Spanish and Colonial America

In Focus: Painting of Our Lady of Malaga

Hybrid Art Forms

In Focus: Casta Painting

Regional Styles

In Focus: The Art of Metalwork

The Art of Everyday Life

In Focus: Garden Party Folding Screen

Recommended Reading

Polycentric Monarchies: How did Early Modern Spain and Portugal Achieve and Maintain a Global Hegemony? Edited by Pedro Cardim, Tamar Herzog, José Ibáñez, and Gaetano Sabatini. Sussex Academic Press, 2012. Pp. viii, 242. Acknowledgments. Epilogue. Index. $74.95 cloth.

Part 1: Spaces of Integration

Maritime Archipelago, Political Archipelago: The Azores under the Habsburgs (1581–1640). Jean-Frédéric Schaub
Architect of the New World: Juan de Solórzano Pereyra and the Status of the Americas. Óscar Mazín Gómez [End Page 303]
The Representatives of Asian and American Cities at the Cortes of Portugal. Pedro Cardim
Overseas Alliances: The English Marriage and the Peace with Holland in Bahia (1661–1725). Rodrigo Bentes Monteiro

Part 2: Spaces of Circulation

Family, Bureaucracy, and the Crown: The Wedding Market as a Form of Integration among Spanish Elites in the Early Modern Period. Enrique Soria Mesa
From Alliance to Conflict, From Finance to Justice: A Portuguese family in Spanish Naples (1590–1660). Gaetano Sabatini
Trading Money and Empire Building in Spanish Milan (1570–1640). Giuseppe De Luca
Visible Signs of Belonging: The Spanish Empire and the Rise of Racial Logics in the Early Modern Period. Jean-Paul Zuñiga
Can You Tell a Spaniard When You See One? “Us” and “Them” in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic. Tamar Herzog
Comprehend, Discuss, and Negotiate: Doing Politics in the Kingdom of Valencia in the Sixteenth Century. Juan Francisco Pardo Molero

Part 3: External Projections

Republican Monarchies, Patrimonial Republics: The Catholic Monarchy and the Mercantile Republics of Genoa and the United Provinces. Manuel Herrero Sánchez
“A Thing Not Seen in Paris since Its Founding”: The Spanish Garrison Organizations of the Early Modern Period. José Javier Ruiz Ibáñez
Epilogue: Polycentric Monarchies: Understanding the Grand Multinational Organizations of the Early Modern Period. Alberto Marcos Martín

At the Crossroads: The Arts of Spanish America & Early Global Trade, 1492–1850. Edited by Donna Pierce and Ronald Otsuka. Denver: Denver Art Museum, 2012. Pp.184. Foreword. Acknowledgments. Map. $39.95 paper.

Foreword. Cristoph Heinrich, Denver Art Museum
Made in China, Made in Mexico. Dana Leibsohn, Smith College
Perils of Porcelain: Chinese Export Porcelain for the Mexican Colonial Market. Maria Bonta de la Pezuela, Sotheby’s
Porcelains with the Arms of the Order of Saint Augustine: For New Spain? A Theory. William R. Sargent, Peabody Essex Museum
Foldout Map of the Manila Galleons and their Trade Network in 1610
From Spain to the Viceroyalty of Peru: Paintings by the Dozen. Suzanne Stratton-Pruitt, Independent Scholar
Royal Funerary Rites in Seventeenth-Century Lima: The Catafalque of Margaret of Austria. Jaime Mariazza F., Universidad de San Marcos, Lima
Molded and Modeled: Sculptural Replication in the Early Modern Transatlantic World. Sara Ryu, Yale University [End Page 304]
Casta Paintings and Self-Fashioning Artists in New Spain. James M. Cordova and Claire Farago, University of Colorado, Boulder
“At the Ends of the Earth”: Asian Trade Goods in Colonial New Mexico, 1598–1821. Donna Pierce, Denver Art Museum

Media, Sound & Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean. Edited by Alejandra Bronfman and Andrew Grant Wood. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012...