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Websites 2013
David J. Keeling, Websites Editor

Websites 2013

Websites featuring useful and informative material on Latin America and its myriad elements continue to proliferate. This 2013 edition of the JLAG websites section offers suggestions for sites that may prove helpful to scholars seeking information, data, and graphic material for teaching, research, and general knowledge. Descriptions of the profiled sites are drawn directly from the website home pages or provided by individual contributors. Subscribers to JLAG are encouraged to submit suggestions for inclusion in this section to the Websites editor.

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    This website provides a detailed list of the region’s major newspapers and other online sources, including the Malvinas/Falkland Islands and the U.S./Canada. There is also an embedded link to other regional news services that provide more detailed and localized information:

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    LatinWorld is a news and information website focused on tourism and business in Latin America. The website is focused on providing insight into what is happening across different countries in the region, with a special focus on Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and the Caribbean. Originally launched in 1995, it has been recently revived and modernized to reflect the new era of the WWW. LW is also open to those geographers interested in contributing articles.

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    The University of Leiden library houses an extensive scholarly collection in the field of Hispanic linguistics, literature, social sciences, and history. The main focus is Latin America. The affiliated library of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies ( houses an important collection on the Caribbean. [End Page 215]

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    This website provides useful information on tourism geography, economics, and destinations. According to the Ministry of Tourism, Argentina has entered a new development stage, with a growth- and development-oriented public affairs management model in place. Tourism is destined to continue to play a key role within this ambitious, promising work scheme adopted by the Government. Tourist development has been conceived as a “key government policy, a common cause that all Argentines are required to foster and protect from any changes in political leadership that may flow naturally from life in a democracy.”

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    This site provides links to sources with ongoing coverage and analysis of Honduras news sources, Honduran government sources, Honduran organizations, and analysis documents.

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    This website provides a wealth of information, articles, and opinion about the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia that has been fighting against the national government for decades. There are links to English and French translations of some documents, and a set of links to details about the ongoing peace process. Researchers will find some fascinating material here that provides both propaganda and meaningful analysis on the state of politics in Colombia.

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    This site provides services and information that allow visitors to experience the Brazilian way of life. There are links that provide information about the reality of the country and that offer insight into the unique energy of this society. The website promotes tourism, among other themes, and the unity of people to develop Brazil. According to the site, “the exchange of experiences between different people fosters a greater understanding of the world, increases our self-knowledge and allows us to pursue a common goal.”

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    All things Uruguayan are accessible from this government website. It provides links to the Presidential office, regional and local government offices, and official data. A useful search function will direct visitors to other websites about the economy, tourism, national census, and other useful information.

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    The mission of this program is to support the efforts of both public institutions and non-governmental organizations working to promote social justice and sustainable development in Nicaragua, and to facilitate cross-cultural learning by recruiting motivated individuals to participate in experiential learning programs. Faculty and researchers may find some useful links on...