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Sympathy for the Devil: Devil Sickness and Lore among the Tohono O'odham

From: Journal of the Southwest
Volume 50, Number 4, Winter 2008
pp. 355-376 | 10.1353/jsw.2008.0018

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:

Sympathy for the Devil:
Devil Sickness and Lore among the Tohono O'odham
Daniel T. Reff

Daniel Reff is an anthropologist and ethnohistorian of colonial Latin America in the Department of Comparative Studies at The Ohio State University.


A first draft of this paper was presented at the spring colloquium (Colonization and Narrative Migrations) of the Center for Folklore Studies at the Ohio State University, May 12, 2006. Thanks to Dorry Noyes, Nancy Ettlinger, and Tom Sheridan for helpful comments.

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