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Consulting Editors

Many scholars contribute their time and expertise to the quality of this journal by providing reviews of submitted manuscripts. We thank the individuals listed here, as well as members of the Editorial Board listed on the inside cover, for their recent work on behalf of this journal.

The Editors

  • Catherine Bagwell

  • Julie Bowker

  • Alexandra S. Burt

  • Robert Carlisle

  • Natalie Eggum

  • Brandi Hawk

  • Nina Howe

  • Russell Isabella

  • Kathryn Kerns

  • Suniya Luthar

  • Jacqueline Lynch

  • Lauren Musu-Gillette

  • Jeffrey G. Parker

  • Lisa Saldana

  • James Snyder

  • Birgit Spinath

  • Rene Veenstra

  • Karine Verschueren

  • Lawrence J. Walker

  • Allan L. Wigfield

  • Lise Youngblade [End Page iii]