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@uNIVERSITY OF TORONTO PRESS INCORPORATED 2004 All rights reserved. Permission toreproducein wholeorinpart must beobtainedin writingfrom UniversityofTorontoPress Incorporated CONTRIBUTORS ROBERT D. DENHAM John P. Fishwick Professor ofEnglish, Roanoke College Northrop Frye: An Enumerative Bibliography (1974);Northrop Fryeand Critical Method (1978); Northrop Frye:An Annotated BibliographyofPrimary and Secondary Sources (1978); NorthropFrye: Religious Visionaryand Architect ofthe Spiritual World (2004); Northrop Frye: A Bibliography ofHis Published Writings, 1931- 2004 (2004) DANIELLE AUBRY Professor, Departement d'Etudes Litteraires, Universite du Quebec aMontreal D.M.R. BENTLEY Professor, Department of English, University ofWestern Ontario TheGay]GreyMoose: Essays on the Ecologies and Mythologies ofCanadian Poetry, 169o-1990 (1992);Mimic Fives: AccountsofEarly Long Poems on Canada (1994);Mnemographia Canadensis: Essays onMemory,Community, and Environment in Canada (1999); The Confederation Group ofCanadian Poets, 1880- 1897 (forthcoming) ATOMEGOYAN Speaking Parts (1993); Exotica (1995); The Sweet Hereafter (1997); Ararat: TheShooting Script (2002); editor, Subtitles: On the Foreignness ofFilm (2004) SETHLERER Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities, Department of English, , StanfordUniversity Boethiusand Dialogue (1985);Literacy and Power in Anglo-Saxon Literature (1991); Chaucerand HisReaders (1993);Courtly Letters in the AgeofHenry VII (1997); Error and theAcademic Selj(2002) DAVID REID Lecturer, Department ofEnglishStudies, University ofStirling The Humanism of'Paradise Lost' (1993); TheMetaphysical Poets (2ooo) LINDAMUNK Professor Emeritus, Department ofEnglish, University ofToronto ...


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