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Alma Classics of Richmond, United Kingdom, is bringing out a new series of Pushkin texts in English. Their intention is, during the next few years, to publish in paperback volumes, purchasable individually, the whole Pushkin corpus in English translation, with appropriate commentaries and background material.

This series will supersede the fifteen-volume set of Pushkin's works in English published by Milner and Company in England between 1999 and 2003. The Milner edition is out of print, but Alma Classics (formerly One-world Classics) now own the rights to that material and will draw on it, with corrections, revisions, and additions, in developing the new series.

Five volumes have already appeared—

  • Ruslan and Lyudmila (2009: dual-language text, reprinted in 2012)

  • Boris Godunov and the Little Tragedies (2010)

  • Eugene Onegin (2011: dual-language text)

  • The Queen of Spades and Shorter Prose Fiction (including unfinished works) (2011)

  • The Captain's Daughter and A History of Pugachov (2012)

The translations and extensive commentaries in the first three volumes are by Roger Clarke, the Series Editor for the project. The last two volumes are made up primarily of Professor Paul Debreczeny's translations, first published by Stanford University Press in 1983 and reissued (with permission) by Milner; but the texts have been re-edited and re-presented and are supplemented with some new translations and commentary.

Alma Classics is proposing in 2013 to bring out a volume of some of the lyrics, followed by a new translation of The Tales of Belkin.

Volumes already issued can be ordered from the publisher Alma Classics on, or through high street and electronic booksellers. [End Page 161]



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