restricted access Barbarism in the Muck of the Present: Dystopia and the Postapocalyptic from Pinedo to Sarmiento

In this article I consider the temporality of postapocalyptic narrative and use a contemporary postapocalyptic novel, Plop (2004), by the Argentine author Rafael Pinedo, to open up new considerations of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s classic Facundo: Civilización y barbarie (1845). Following the method proposed by Jorge Luis Borges (1966) in “Kafka and His Precursors,” it is my position that Pinedo’s novel invents a new, postapocalyptic Facundo, thus converting Sarmiento into one of the American continent’s first postapocalyptic authors. Furthermore, Pinedo’s novel re-frames the “civilization or barbarism” debate under the contemporary sign of ecological catastrophe, allowing the reader to arrive at new and startling conclusions about language, the environment, and disaster.