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Stem and Stone, and: The Writer in Exile

"Stem and Stone"

Look at stem.Look at stone.Stem has a flower.Stone is alone.Stem bends a little.Stone doesn't bend.Stem blooms and dies.Stone has no end.

Stone has no end.Stem lives again.

"The Writer in Exile"

Twenty-nine girls liked Chuff.Not one liked poor Glugg.They looked at Glugg and said, "O Glugg,You have a mugly ug."

Said Glugg, "Okay, I'll go awayto some far distant land.There will I write a comical bookwhich you won't understand."

"O Glugg," said the twenty-nine girls,"we'd love a comical book.When you have finished writing it,do let us take a look."

Glugg packed his bag and moved awayto a house where he could think.It was called the Haunted Ink Bottle House,cause it had an inky stink.

Glugg never asked the twenty-nine girls,to come and read his book.But when he read it to himself,he laughed until he shook. [End Page 157]

Charlotte Pomerantz

Charlotte Pomerantz lives on an island approximately thirteen miles long and three miles wide at the mouth of the Hudson River. She has written some thirty books for children. She notes that the JJQ is the only publication that has acknowledged the James Joyce connection in her writing. Readers who wish more information about her work are invited to visit her website at <>.