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  • Blue Hijab
  • Myronn Hardy (bio)

What becomes of a girl in blue hues? Through a field  green where boulders

are serrated  ready to tumble  tear earth exposing the clay

of a civilization forced under.

This is where we feed. Where sheep sully grass.

Where the shepherd sleeps until his flock is fat.

The girl gathers vegetables  wild parsley. At the market  she is accosted by a boy

dazzled by her blue hijab. How each thread extends light.

That same light crushing over his teeth in a mouth cascading.

A cement truck churns on her road home. This is her mind attempting

something it hasn’t. Thoughts more like wire tangles  tricks in knots  traps

what shouldn’t be trapped  loose paper  plastic  this is how we are clogged.

We are weighed  distracted rendered without progress. [End Page 234]

How the telephone poles look more like something left from a visit

undocumented. A phenomenon unspoken of if only to maintain credibility.

Here internal lives are never exposed. Pretending is not optional  not here where

we build  close ourselves in stone. The onions make her cry as a caterpillar

crosses the counter of chipped tile. What becomes of a girl in blue hues?

Her hijab on the floor  the potatoes in the sink soaking  the dirt

disconnecting  assembling itself into something with order  a sea floor shifting. [End Page 235]

Myronn Hardy

Myronn Hardy is author of three collections of poems: Approaching the Center, The Headless Saints, and Catastrophic Bliss, winner of the Griot-Stadler Prize for Poetry. He divides his time between Morocco and New York City.



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