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C UNIVERSIlY OF TORONTO PRESS 1982 All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce in wllole or in part must be obtained in writing from University ofToronto Press. CONTRIBUTORS GEORGE JOHNSTON Professor of English, Carleton University (retired), poet, translator; TIre Cruising Auk (1959); The Saga of Gisli (1963); Home Free (1966); Happy Enough (1972); The Faroe Islanders' Saga (1974); The Greenlanders' Saga (1975); Taking a Grip (1978); Rocky Shores (1981); Auk Redivivus ('981); Wind over Romsdal (lgB2) CYNTHIA BOURGEAULT Visiting Lecturer in English, St John's University, Collegeville; editor, W.L. Smoldon, The Music of the Medieval Church Dramas (1980) RAYMOND D. DILORENZO Associate Professor of English, University of Dallas JENNY MEZCIEMS Lecturer in English, University of Warwick ERIC ROTHSTEIN Edgar W. Lacy Professor of English, University of Wisconsin, Madison; George Farquhar (1967); Restoration Tragedy (1967); Systems of Order and Inquiry in Later Eighteenth-Century Fiction ('975); Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Poetry (1981); editor, The Augustan Milieu (1970) JOHN W. BILSLAND Professor of English, University of Alberta JOHN TERPSTRA No academic affiliation, lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario; Scrabbling for Repose (lgB2) G.P. JONES Professor of English, Memorial University of Newfoundland PETER ALLEN Professor of English, Innis College, University of Toronto; The Cambridge Apostles: The Early Years (1978) ...


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