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Editorial Changes

Margaret M. McGuinness, known to just about everyone as "Maggie" has served American Catholic Studies as Co-Editor since 2000, when the journal transitioned from Records of the American Catholic Historical Society to American Catholic Studies. She has brought her energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, and overall editorial savvy to every aspect of the journal, and has done so with unfailing good humor. During these years she has also authored Called to Serve: A History of Nuns in America (New York University Press, 2013), Neighbors and Missionaries: A History of the Sisters of Christian Doctrine (Fordham University Press, 2012), and contributed to and co-authored with James T. Fisher, The Catholic Studies Reader: Catholic Practice in North America (Fordham University Press, 2011). She has also gone from Professor of Religion at Cabrini College to Professor and Chair of the Religion Department at LaSalle University, and currently serves as Executive Director of LaSalle's Office for Mission Integration. All who are associated with American Catholic Studies are most grateful for all she has contributed. We are also pleased that Maggie is not leaving the journal, but will move from Co-Editor to Associate Editor.

We welcome Thomas F. Rzeznik, Associate Professor, Department of History, Seton Hall University, as our new Co-Editor. Tom has been a member of the Committee on Publications for the journal and during the past year has been contributing most admirably to the editorial process of the journal. Readers of American Catholic Studies are already familiar with the excellence of Tom's work that has appeared in our pages and elsewhere, and can look forward to his book, Church and Estate: Religion and Wealth in Industrial-Era Philadelphia appearing from Penn State Press this fall.

I also want to acknowledge Leigh Anne McCabe, a distinguished graduate of Cabrini College who became Editorial Assistant for American Catholic Studies eight years ago, and was named Managing Editor for the journal this year. Leigh Anne is a superbly professional managing editor who has with grace and cheer produced every issue on its deadline.

Thank you Maggie, Tom, and Leigh Anne. [End Page iii]