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It's no good to want God

badly enoughto think about it.

Even the divine is turned off by desperation. But what do I know?

I spent one hundred and fifty dollars on a doghousemy dog will not enter. It looks pretty in the backyard,but gets in the way when I mow the grass.

When we no longer have night, daylight does not seem so good.

What the firefly feels is this: call me lightning bug.It also feels this:

Please do notcatch me in your hand,child,

you are a danger to my future, brief as it may be.

Let me put the shine on your face, before I, the very momentI take flight, disappear. [End Page 443]

Nick Courtright

Nick Courtright is the author of Punchline, a National Poetry Series finalist, and Let There Be Light, which is forthcoming (Gold Wake Press, 2014). He teaches in Austin, where he lives with his wife, Michelle, and son, William.