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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY Contents of Volume 62, Numbers 2-4, 1992/3 All articles and books reviewed in issues 2-4 of volume 62 are listed below. For the material in 'Letters in Canada 1991,' which constitutes issue 1 of the volume, see the 'Index to Books Reviewed,' 62:1 (Fall 1992), 212-16. ARTICLES ADAMOWSKI, T.H. 'But What Can You Do?': From Existentialism to Textistentialism 2B2 COHEN, DEREK Othello's Suicide 323 COOLEY, RONALD W. Reformed Eloquence: Inability, Questioning, and Correction in Paradise Lost 232 DAKIN, JOHN Inhumanities of Urban Planning 404 HAMILTON, A.c: Northrop Frye as a Canadian Critic 309 HUNTER, LYNETTE After Modernism: Alternative Voices in the Writings of Dionne Brand, Claire Harris, and Marlene Philip 256 IRVING, ALLAN The Modern/Postmodern Divide and Urban Planning 474 JACKSON, H.J. Writing in Books and Other Marginal Activities 217 LEMON, JAMES Urban Planning in Twen· tieth-Century North America: From Success to Irrelevancy? 441 MACKENZIE, MANFRED Colonization and De· colonization in The Blithedale Romance 504 MATUS, JILL L Disclosure as 'Cover-up': The Discourse of Madness in Lady Audley's Secret 334 MICHAELS, LLOYD The Confidence Man in Modern Film 375 MILROY, BETH MOORE Plannin~ the Humanities , and the Circulation of Ideas 488 SHAW, IAN 'Of Plain Signification': Darwin's World in the First Edition of The Origin Df Species 356 SIM, R. ALEX Planning: A Rural Perspective 456 STEPHANSON, RAYMOND G.S. Rousseau as Cultural Historian 388 WEISMAN, KAREN A. Romantic Constructions 296 REVIEWS Brownlee, Marina S., Kevin Brownlee, and Stephen G. Nichols, eds The New Medievalism (DAVID TOWNSEND) 305 Hamilton, A.C., gen. ed. The Spenser Encyclopedia (BRUCE R. SMITH) 522 Smart, Patricia EcTire dans /a maison du pere (ANNE MARIE MIRAGLIA) 525 Smart, Patricia Writing in the Father's House (ANNE MARIE MlRAGUA) 525 Trousson, Raymond Jean-Jacques Rousseau (AUBREY ROSENBERG) 401 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO QUARTERLY, VOLUME 62, NUMBER 4, SUMMER 1993 ...


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