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Advocacy, Support, and Rehabilitation Programs
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Advocacy, Support, and Rehabilitation Programs

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Federal Programs

  1. I. Office of Special Education Programs

    • Melody Musgrove, Director
      Ruth Ryder, Deputy Director

  1. A. Program Support Services Group

    • Bill Wolf, Director

  2. B. Monitoring & State Improvement Planning Division

    • Gregg Corr, Director

    • Team A

    • Al Jones, Associate Division Director

    • Team B

    • Judy Gregorian, Associate Division Director

    • Team C

    • Alma McPherson, Associate Division Director

    • Team D

    • Larry Ringer, Associate Division Director

  3. C. Research to Practice Division

    • Larry Wexler, Division Director

    • Early Childhood Team

    • Gail Houle, Associate Division Director

    • Elementary & Middle School

    • Ingrid Oxaal, Associate Division Director

    • Secondary/Trans/Postsecondary

    • Marlene Simon-Burroughs, Associate Division Director

    • National Initiatives Team

    • David Egnor, Associate Division Director

  1. II. National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

    • Charlie Lakin, Director

      Kristi Wilson-Hill, Deputy Director

      Mailing address:

      National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

      U.S. Department of Education

      400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.

      Mailstop PCP-Room-6038

      Washington, DC 20202-7100

      Physical address:

    • Potomac Center Building

      550 12 Street, S.W.

      Washington, DC 20202-7100

      Voice: 202-245-7460

      TTY: 202-245-7316

      Fax: 202-245-7323

  1. A. Research Sciences Division

    • Ruth Brannon, Director

      Voice/TTY: 202-245-7468

    • Fax: 202-245-7323

  2. B. Program, Budget and Evaluation Division

    • Tim Muzzio, Director

      Voice/TTY: 202-245-7468

      Fax: 202-245-7323

  3. III. Rehabilitation Services Administration

    • [vacant], Commissioner Edward Anthony, Deputy Commissioner

      400 Maryland Ave, S.W.

      Washington, DC 20202-2800

      Phone: 202-245-7488

      Potomac Center Plaza, 5157


  1. A. Program Support Staff (PSS)

    • Mary Lovley, Director

  2. B. State Monitoring and Program Improvement Division (SMPID)

    • Sue Rankin-White, Director

  • Data Collection and Analysis Unit

    Joe Pepin, Chief

  • Fiscal Unit

    David Steele, Chief

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Program Unit

    Carol Dobak, Chief

  • Independent Living Unit

    Timothy Beatty, Chief

  • Technical Assistance Unit

    Suzanne Mitchell, Chief [End Page 248]

  1. C. Training and Service Programs Division (TSPD)

    Tom Finch, Director

    Potomac Center Plaza, 5013


  • Training Programs Unit

    Roseann Ashby, Chief

    Potomac Center Plaza, 5052

  • Service Programs Unit

    Mark Snyderman, Chief

    Potomac Center Plaza, 5059 [End Page 249]

State Vocational Rehabilitation Offices


Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Blind & Deaf Svcs
602 S. Lawrence Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
Voice: 334-293-7128
Videophone: 334-239-3778
Fax: 334-293-7304
Email: bedarius.bell@rehab.alabama.gov
Coordinator of Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Services: Bedarius Bell, Jr.


Div of Voc Rehab
4600 Debarr Road, Suite 300
Anchorage, AK 99508
Voice: 907-269-0737
TTY: 907-269-2061
Fax: 907-269-2056
Email: mahala.slone@alaska.gov
Statewide Coordinator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Mahala Slone, MS, CRC


Voc Rehab
3829 N 3rd Street, #303
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Voice: 602-266-4434
TTY: 602-266-6716
Fax: 602-230-7554
Unit Sup LOM: Fernando Cabral


Arkansas Rehabilitation Services of Arkansas Dept of Career Education
525 W. Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201
Voice: 501-296-1616
TTY: 501-296-1669
Toll-Free: 800-330-0632
Fax: 501-296-1604
Website: www.ARSinfo.org
Commissioner: Robert P. Trevino, MPA


CA Dept of Rehab
Deaf and HH Svcs
721 Capitol Mall, 4th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Voice: 916-558-5670
TTY: 916-558-5673
Videophone: 916-514-5666
Fax: 916-558-5672
Email: dhhs@dor.ca.gov
Website: www.dor.ca.gov
Program Manager: Elena Gomez, MS


Dept of Rehabilitation Services
Bureau of Rehab Svcs
25 Sigourney Street
11th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106-5033
Voice: 860-920-7163
TTY: 860-424-4839
Videophone: 860-920-7163
Toll-Free: 800-537-2549
Fax: 860-424-4850
Email: heidi.forrest@ct.gov
Website: www.brs.state.ct.us
State Coordinator for the Deaf Heidi A. Forrest, msw: Amy L. Porter, Ph.D.

District of Columbia

Department on Disability Services
Rehabilitation Services Administration
1125 15th Street, NW, 9th Floor
Washington, DC 20002
Voice: 202-442-8686


Florida Department of Education
Div of Voc Rehab
2002 Old St. Augustine Road, Bldg. A
Tallahassee, FL 32301-4862
Voice: 850-245-3350...