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The Bibliographical Society:
The Annual General Meeting 2012

The one hundred and twentieth Annual General Meeting was held at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE, on Tuesday, 16th October 2012. The President, Dr David Pearson, was in the Chair. The minutes of the previous Annual Meeting (which had been printed in The Library for June 2012) were taken as read, seconded by Professor David McKitterick, and confirmed.

The President outlined the many activities of the Society, such as its monthly lecture and regular publishing programmes. The Society could be proud of the handsome and scholarly work on Thomas Bewick and is looking forward to publishing in the near future works on incunabula at Westminster Abbey and on the library of Edmund Geste. The Society also has an active e-publication programme, with recent partnerships to launch a database of British Armorial Bookbindings and on British booktrades. In short, the Society is active and flourishing. The President noted with sadness members who have died over the past year, before closing by remindng the audience that monthly lectures will henceforth be held at the Society of Antiquaries. Dr Pearson proposed the adoption of the Annual Report; it was seconded by Professor James Raven, and carried.

The Treasurer presented the Accounts for 2011, noting that investiment income and subscriptions had improved somewhat and that income was down slightly from on-line sales of The Library through Oxford University Press, a resource the Society continues to consider likely to be short-term. He also drew attention to the approximatley £22,000 the Society grants annually under its Fellowships and Bursaries programme. The Treasurer concluded that the accounts are healthy and are able to support the Society and its activities. There were no questions from the floor, and the Treasurer proposed the adoption of the Accounts. This was seconded by Dr Martin Davies, and carried. The proposal to re-appoint the firm Thornton Springer as Auditor for 2012 was also passed, after being seconded by Professor John Flood.

The President stated that Maureen Bell and James Raven were due to retire from Council under normal rules of rotation and he thanked them for their contribution. Cristina Dondi and John Hinks were nominated to succeed them. The President also stated that a new Vice-President was to be elected and nominated Professor James Raven. These nominations were formally seconded by Dr Martin Davies and approved. [End Page 252]

All existing officers were willing to serve in their respective positions for another one-year term. They were thanked by the President, and their election was proposed, seconded by Dr Christine Ferdinand, and carried.

The President also announced that his own term of office was ending and proposed Dr Christine Ferdinand, senior Vice-President, to succeed as President. This was seconded by Dr Janet Freeman.

The President asked for any other business, and Dr David Shaw outlined two on-line resources, the London Book Trades database and the British Book Trade History database. Both databases are being developed to be available under an umbrella portal under the auspices of the Bodleian Library.

Dr Ferdinand, as newly elected President, took the floor and paid tribute to Dr Pearson, thanking him for his good work for the Society over many years, successively as Treasurer, Secretary and President.

At the close of the Annual Meeting, Heather Rowlands, Head of Library and Collections at the Society of Antiquaries, outlined the collections and invited the audience up to the library, where she and Mr Adrian James introduced a display of books and manuscripts. [End Page 253]

Annual Report 2011-12

Officers of the Society

President: D. R. S. Pearson; Past Presidents: J. L. Flood, E. S. Leedham-Green, J. Barnard; Vice-Presidents: C. Y. Ferdinand, K. Jensen, H. Woudhuysen, M. L. Ford; Hon. Secretary: M. L. Ford; Hon. Treasurer: R. A. Linenthal; Hon. Librarian: R. Myers; Hon. Editor of The Library: W. Bell; Hon. Editor of Monographs: D. J. Shaw.

Council: M. Bell, N. Bell, J. Ing Freeman, J. Goldfinch, R. Gaskell, D. J. McKitterick (co-opted), R. Ovenden, N. Pickwoad, E. Potten, J. Raven.


The membership of the Society now stands at 789.

43 new members were...