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Meetings 2013

June 16–20. 9th Biennial North American Forest Ecology Workshop: Piecing Together the Fragments: Sustaining Forest Ecosystems in the 21st Century will take place in Bloomington, Indiana. For more information, visit

June 22–26. 4th International Society for Seed Science Meeting on Seeds and the Environment will take place in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. Visit for further details.

June 23–27. The 2013 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, hosted by the Arizona Department of Transportation will be held in Scottsdale, AZ. Go to for more information.

July 15–18. Annual International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change will take place in Athens, Greece. Conference website:

July 21–24. Soil and Water Conservation Society Annual Conference will take place in Reno, NV. The conference theme is “Resilient landscapes: planning for drought, flood and fire.” Conference website:

July 21–25. The 26th International Congress for Conservation Biology, hosted by the Society for Conservation Biology, will take place in Baltimore, MD. Visit for further details.

July 22–24. The 2nd International Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change will be held in Las Vegas, NV. See for details.

July 27–31.Botany 2013: Botanical Society of America Conference will take place in New Orleans, LA. For details, visit

July 29–31. The III Congreso Iberoamericano y del Caribe de Restauración Ecológica will take place in Bogota, Colombia. The theme is “De la Restauración Humana a la Restauración Ecológica.” Visit for further details.

July 29–August 2. 5th National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration will be held in Chicago, IL. For details, visit

August 4–9. The Ecological Society of America 98th Annual Meeting will be held in Minneapolis, MN. Visit for more information.

August 18–22. StormCon: The North American Surface Water Quality Conference and Exposition will be held in Myrtle Beach, SC. See for details.

August 18–23. The 11th INTECOL Congress: Into the Next 100 Years will be held in ExCel, London, UK. The theme of the conference is “advancing ecology and making it count.” For further details, visit

September 11–13. The Fifth European River Restoration Conference: Celebrating Successes and Addressing Challenges will take place in Vienna, Austria. See for more information.

September 24–29. 37th Annual Meeting of the Waterbird Society will occur in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. For more information, visit

October 6–11. Society for Ecological Restoration 5th Conference of Ecological Restoration will be held in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference website is

October 7–9. The Eastern Native Grass Symposium will be held at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS. The symposium features a special emphasis on native grass species and their associated forbs in working landscapes of the eastern United States and Canada. For more information, visit [End Page 233]