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Notes on Contributors

Alexander J. Cuthbert received his doctorate on Edwin Muir from Glasgow University in 2012. He contributes an annual bibliography to Scottish Literary Review and his 'Edwin Muir and The New Age' was published in Scottish and International Modernisms (2012). He is currently study skills adviser and tutor at the universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow.

Krysztof Fordoński is Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, having received his doctorate from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, in 2002. He is the author of monographs on William Wharton (2004) and E. M. Forster (2005), and is co-editor (with Piotr Urbański) of a collection of English-language translations of the poetry of Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski (2010).

Susanne Hagemann teaches at the Germersheim Faculty of Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies of Mainz University. She has written extensively on Scottish literature and on translation. Her latest book, Übersetzungsränder (2012 co-edited with Julia Neu) is an anthology of prefaces, afterwords and interviews in which translators of German literature discuss their own work.

H. Gustav Klaus is Emeritus Professor of the Literature of the British Isles at the University of Rostock, Germany. He has published widely on nineteenth- and twentieth-century working-class writing. His books include Factory Girl (1998), James Kelman (2005) and (as co-editor) British Industrial Fictions (2000) and Ecology and the Literature of the British Left (2012).

Richie McCaffery is a Carnegie-funded second-year doctoral student in the Scottish Literature Department of the University of Glasgow. His thesis topic is an in-depth assessment of the poetry produced by Scottish poets during World War Two. His own poetry appears in the pamphlet Spinning Plates published by HappenStance Press in 2012. [End Page 149]

David Reid taught from 1974 till his retirement in 2005 in the Department of English Studies at the University of Stirling. His publications have been mostly in the field of British seventeenth-century literature. His Ambiguities: Conflict and Union of Opposites in Robert Graves, Laura Riding, William Empson and Yvor Winters came out in 2012.

Ewa Szymańska-Sabala is a doctoral student in the Institute of English Studies at the University of Warsaw. Her research concerns exploration of the motif of doubling and duality in the novels by Scottish women writers of the 1990s.

Alex Thomson is a Senior Lecturer in Scottish Literature at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of books on Derrida and Adorno, and is currently editing Memories and Portraits for the New Edinburgh Collected Works of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Slawomir Wacior is Professor of English Literature, Chair of the Department of English Literature and Culture, and Head of the Institute of English Studies at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. He specialises in poetry and poetics as well as theory of literature. He has published books about English metaphysical poetry (Thomas Traherne) and the Imagist poets.

Matthew Wickman is Founding Director of the Brigham Young University Humanities Center and current president of the Modern Languages Association Discussion Group in Scottish Literature. He is completing a book manuscript on the creative intersection between literature and mathematics in the Scottish Enlightenment and writing another on literary theory re-imagined by way of Scottish detective fiction. [End Page 150]