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Talking with Michelle

Michelle sat under the tree in the white plastic chairs she sat there for the air she listened for the bee-eaters she watched the bee-eaters “On paper wings”

Michelle This morning I sit under a tree in white snow Tufted titmice picking around crab apples A robin quiet, perched White-throated sparrows skimming the snow crust one keeps grabbing a bit and dropping it

Yesterday, I followed deer tracks through the snow Blood on the tracks, I traced them to a pine where a deer went to pause and then press on Your brown hawk eyes pause and press on [End Page 133]

Annie Jacobs

Annie Jacobs writes from her experiences with kibbutz life and Jewish- Arab understanding in Israel. She was a 2012 poetry fellow at Constance Saltonstall Arts Colony and a 201112 staff-artist at Vermont Studio Center. Her poems, essays, interviews, and artwork have appeared in Whole Terrain, the Arava Review, and Gender Across Borders.