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After the Labyrinth

          this turn to turn again returns               the twine unwinding wan       light going lateness ways ruffling up dusts along the walls and absence obeys     a slow hypnosis circling       sandpaper and brick stitchwork running       near nearer         forward now draw inward on prints and traces that lie lying laid astray   sifted down the narrows with trips         rough gaits and slants on the camber       curved of intervals angling   edges at the interminable     in-between of two outstretched hands         and a palpable sense of losing [End Page 131]

Derek Gromadzki

Derek Gromadzki recently received his mfa from the University of Iowa, where he is now a PhD student in comparative literature. His poetry is forthcoming in Drunken Boat and has appeared in Black Warrior Review, CutBank, American Letters & Commentary, and the Journal, among other publications.