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  • Introduction
  • David M. Cochran Jr. and Carl A. “Andy” Reese, Editors

Dear Readers,

We are pleased to introduce the Summer 2013 issue of the Southeastern Geographer. The cover photograph for this issue, entitled “Sleeping Kudzu,” was contributed by Joby Bass. It shows a scene in the Loess Bluffs between Natchez and Vicksburg in western Mississippi. In the adjoining essay, Bass explores the historical importance of the Loess Bluffs to Mississippi and the controversial role kudzu has played in the American South. What follows are five research articles that cover a wide range of human and physical geographical topics. The first article, written by Ronald Schumann, explores how media images influence how coastal tourist destinations along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts of the American Southeast recover from hurricanes, and how quickly they do so. The second article, by Sara Gleave and Qingfang Wang, is a comparative study of Latino immigration patterns in a sample of metropolitan regions across the American Southeast that are widely seen as new destinations for immigrants. This is followed by a fluvial geo-morphological study by Zachary Mussel-man and Allison Tarbox that examines bank-particle size and channel dynamics on the Pascagoula River of southeastern Mississippi. The fourth article, written by Seth Gustafson, applies critical race theory and recent literature on refugees to an historical (re)examination of municipal policy in Atlanta, Georgia leading up to the 1996 Olympics. The final article, written by Barney Warf, analyzes Pentagon contracts that were awarded in 2011 in the American South and details the highly uneven distribution of military spending in this region of the United States. This issue concludes with two book reviews. The first, written by Scott Markwith, looks at Swamp-life: People, Gators, and Mangroves Entangled in the Everglades, by Laura A. Ogden. The second review, written by William Woods, evaluates Cahokia: Ancient America’s Greatest City on the Mississippi, by Timothy R. Pauketat. We hope you enjoy the summer issue of Southeastern Geographer wherever it might find you. As always, we encourage you to submit your research articles, cover art ideas, geographical notes, and book reviews for consideration in future issues of the journal. We also welcome your comments, whether they are critical or complimentary, and any suggestions you might have on how we can improve Southeastern Geographer.

Best regards,
David M. Cochran, Jr. and
Carl A. “Andy” Reese
Southeastern Geographer [End Page 135]

David M. Cochran Jr. , and Carl A. “Andy” Reese, Editors
Southeastern Geographer


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